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Body, Mind and Spirit

Health is composed of 3 (three) aspects: Body, Mind and Soul.  

Many things can be done with the body to change the nutrients, which we are doing through our know how.

The hardest, though seemingly easiest, is with the mind.  When the body and mind are not aligned, the spirit moves on.  When the mind and the soul are aligned, the body responds to reject disease.  I perceive that the Mind/Spirit is not aligned and must be so to treat most serious diseases with people.  This needs to be crystal clear when we try to help others.  The main medians, Central and Governing, must be concentrated on a daily basis and must change as my slogan says, "Awaken to a New Lifestyle"

The Central and Governing medians run up the torso of the front and back of the body.  Anyone can "set" these two, three or more times during the day.  I will first describe the areas and questions that one must ask once and again.  Answers must be a profound reflection of past, present and where one wants their future to go.  It is imperative one MUST evaluate and change their perspectives, values and actions.  If not, disease will progress quickly.  I believe we can forestall this with the Breakthru protocol but to really get this monkey gone, the next step is all within each of us.

Central Meridian:

This meridian is the conception vehicle for the soul and regulates the innate inteligence of a being.  It functions much as do the lungs but differs physiologically in that it brings and releases ideas and concepts.  When it incorporates or rejects concepts, lifestyles and actions, the intelligence of the soul then acts as the judge whether these ideas are valid.  The body then reacts to these decisions positively or negatively.  Questions one must ask themselves are:

  1. Is the information that one is receiving beneficial to reach one´s goals?  Do you need to assess those around you and do you need a rest or change?  There can sometimes be a constant conflict between the mind and soul.  This is where the assessment needs to reflect the message of your soul´s needs so the mind can change accordingly.

  2. What energy resources are around you?  What is needed?

  3. What is necessary to reject or accept this energy?

  4. Is one receiving negative or toxic energy at the moment and is realignment necessary?

  5. How is the integrated whole world view of your life supporting this vitality?  What creative nurturing energy and circumstances need to change and how?

  6. How is your brain functioning?  Are you acting wisely and using your intelligence for your own good?

Needless to say we each have to evaluate these questions constantly through the environment we live and the responses of our senses to colours, climate, odors, tastes, emotion and touch.  These inputs react in the different seasons or our lives and change what is necessary.  The creative and procreative power of our being needs inspiration and needs to evolve with these soul desire inputs and changes. 

More to come soon...

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