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Body, Mind and Spirit              By KC (CEO) 

Welcome to our web page.


Much thinking is going on with me regarding this web site and I am wanting to express my views on health and the relationships of the Body/Mind/Soul relationships, and how this ultimately affects the Body. Though Breakthru Technology deals with Super Dense Nutrition, this letter is intended to explain eastern thought and practices of the two other very important aspects of health, the Mind/Soul connections and how these interact with the body. Specifically, I will be referring to the Central and Governing Meridians and ask you to read through carefully, assess the material, then in this light review the web page.


Composed of three aspects, the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit or Soul, it must be understood that health in reality is driven by the cosmic energy of electrons.  Many things can be done with the Body such as exercise, nutrients and lifestyle choices.  Breakthru Technology addresses nutrition.   The hardest, yet seemingly easiest, is with lifestyle choices I refer to as the Mind/Soul relationship.   Most say when going through this topic, “Oh I’ve dealt with that” or, “I’ve got it under control”.  However note if not dealt with,  disease and malfunction arises, no matter what is believed.  The body displays the truth and how energy is being filtered.


NOTE When the Body/Mind is not aligned, the Spirit moves on or simply put, death occurs. When the Mind/Soul are aligned, the Body responds with correct food inputs, activities and responses where healing these maladies is corrected. I have observed that the Mind/Soul when not coherent (and it must be), causes these most severe maladies such as pain, depression, disease and malevolent behavior.  When trying to help others, I try to make this crystal clear; how profound and serious it is and not to be flippant. It is where deep soul searching is done. Revealed is one’s world view, the relationship with others, and ultimately how energy is accepted or rejected.


Super Dense Nutrient foods and the main meridians, Central and Governing, must be concentrated on in a daily basis and must return to a balance to reveal, as our slogan says, "Awakening to a New Lifestyle".  


The Central and Governing meridians run up the torso, both front and back.  Everyone can set these two or three or more times during the day physically.   I have also provided questions one must ask, re ask and seriously contemplate below.  Answers must be a deep reflection of past, present, and what one wants in their future.  It is imperative one evaluate and then change one´s perspectives, values and actions sincerely.  Changes of thought are revealed in actions of the Biblical Fruits of the Spirit:

  • love;

  • joy;

  • peace;

  • courage;

  • patience;

  • forgiveness;

  • honesty;

  • respect;

  • long suffering;

  • gratitude and;

  • thankfulness. 


In doing so, many of the physical problems disappear.  If not exhibited and strived for, disease and deterioration may progress quickly.  I believe one can forestall deterioration with the Breakthru Super Dense Nutrition protocol,  but to really get these physical problems under control, minimize or eliminate the devastating results, honest, conscious mental habits and decisions must also change.  Once this change occurs, the spiritual balance realigns the physical health to how one is created.       


Central Meridian


This is the conception vehicle and where the procreative power of our spirit needs inspiration, growth and balancing evolves with the souls' desired inputs and goals.


This meridian essentially regulates the innate intelligence of a being.  It functions much as do the lungs, but differs physiologically, in that it brings and releases ideas, concepts, reflected in energy.  When it incorporates or rejects concepts, lifestyles and actions, the intelligence of the Soul then acts as the judge whether these ideas are a valid reflection of one´s purpose in life.  The Body is the jury and executioner, reacting to these decisions positively or negatively.


Questions one must ask themselves are:

  1. Information that one is receiving is it beneficial to reach one’s goals?

  2. Those around you need to be assessed as to their positive or negative influence and do you need a rest or change from these individuals?

  3. What energy resources are around you?  What is needed?

  4. What is necessary to reject or accept this energy?

  5. Where is one receiving negative or toxic energy at the moment and is a realignment necessary?

  6. How is the integrated whole, world view, of one’s life supporting this vitality?  

  7. What creative nurturing energy and circumstances are needed to change and how?  

  8. What are one’s addictions?

  9. How is one’s brain functioning?  

  10. Are you acting wisely and using your innate intelligence for the greatest good of yourself and those around you?


There is a constant communication between the Mind/Soul.  This is why the continual assessments relayed to the Mind, of what the Soul requires, is honest.  A correct reflection demonstrates the quality of the Body’s wellbeing. 

Needless to say, we each have to evaluate these questions constantly through the environment we live in and the responses of our senses to colours, climate, odours, tastes, sound, emotion and touch.  These inputs react to the different seasons of our lives, where change is occurring.  The creative and procreative power of our being needs inspiration to evolve with these Soul desired inputs and changes.


Foods that help balance this meridian are:  propolis, bee pollen, spirulina, raw honey, energy rich reductive air and water, and Nutrient Dense Foods.


Governing Meridian


This is the meridian for storing excess energy or releasing this power. Sufficient positive vitality automatically  causes one to stand in an upright posture. It is also is related to the pineal gland, which regulates day/night activity cycles. Working in conjunction with the Central meridian, both balance energy utilized or new energy entering or leaving the Soul. Control is the best description of this meridian and it either builds, or is correlated to the destruction of the other meridians.  The strength and health of the body, is determined here. Anxiety and emotional stress may be linked to individuals having more sedentary work and the need for exercise.


Questions one must ask themselves:


  • What transitions are occurring or a necessary to make?​

  • Is there a difference in energy between the day/night cycles?  Are they reversed and does the Body polarity need adjusting?

  • Is something becoming a burden?  If so, what?

  • How can a transition of this burden be changed so it is helpful?

  • How is the integrated whole creating the needed structure and control, or is there too much incorrect structure and control and has life as a whole become destructive?


Foods that can help balance this meridian are ones that contain high protein, life giving components, like those in grass feed or free range meats, eggs and organic raw vegetable or fruit and dairy products.


Here again the different influences, where alone, among people, places or equipment, need to be changed along with posture, food inputs, habits and balancing the meridians several times per day.


I welcome discussion on these topics and look forward to the comments and experiences utilizing our Super Dense Nutrition line of health products.  Thank you for your interest in our site.


Best of health,





CEO Breakthru Technology

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