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People´s return to fresh, whole foods, as well as a holistic approach to healthy lifestyles, have cured thousands of debilitating medical conditions.  A new culture that seeks and values nutrition that is complete, organic, and without the problems that have been created by farming with synthetic chemicals and fertilizers is blossoming.  Essentially people are looking for quality above quantity.

Our purpose is to offer Beyond Organic products and information that can help people understand how to identify or grow nutrient rich foods as well as to gain knowledge about how to heal themselves, their families and the planet internally and externally.

Ultimately, the purpose is to regenerate and nurture
Body, Mind and Spirit


  Agronomic Blog                                                          

  Athlete testimonies & statistics                               



This section contains interviews with KC.

  Deeper Reading                                                          


This section contains papers, books and scientific articles.

  Lifestyle & Health Blogs                                            

  General Glossary                                                         


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Flax Lignan Facts
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Agronomic blog
Athlete testimonies
Deeper reading
Lifestyle & health blogs
General Glossary
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