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Our Purpose


Our Super Dense Nutritional products have been produced with "Beyond Organic" natural, mechanical 21st Century inputs that increase and stabilize the mineral and the nutrient values of the food products.   


We have developed methods and technologies founded on a deep understanding of nature, or what we call Eco-nomics. When applied in different fields of science, it makes this world a better place.  

In our material, learn how the new Eco-nomics approach and constructive changes to current agricultural practices can drastically improve efficiencies and overall productivity.

Explore some things that you may never have been exposed to and that may lead to healing your body, mind and spirit. Realize your true potential.


We offer:


Health products for human consumption:

  • Super Dense Nutrion foods;

  • Active mineral products.


Agricultural and home garden products used for:

  • Human consumption;

  • Animal husbandry livestock;

  • Decorative and archival plant health;

  • Soil productivity;

  • Plant productivity.


Educational Resources For:

  • Personal , individual and how-to applications;

  • Commercial applications;

  • Large scale production efficiency improvements.

We invite you to take our 100% satisfaction guarantee challenge and


"Awaken a New Lifestyle". 


Our expertise and tools allow people to access wellbeing. Protecting our most valuable assets:


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