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Breakthru Agriculture


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BREAKTHRU TECHNOLOGY innovations in agriculture are enveloped by understanding energy flows within the biota or life forms and how this interacts with the earth.  The general term we describe it as is an Eco-system.  An Eco-system includes science fields of organic and inorganic chemistry active in soils, biology, botany, human & animal nutrition and how these fields interact with the energy transfers within the physical laws of the universe.  Different terms like environmental stress factors, genetic range, pedogenesis and others are terms used to describe, in short, the different responses in the Eco-system.    Our research and results, we believe, have culminated in the true next generation of energy flows in plant cultivation, animal husbandry and human health breakthroughs.  Our observations, and correlations have produced a new revolutionary management protocol of soil management and plant development we describe as Beyond Organic.  The New normal for Agronomic science.

Known Facts:


  • Current science only works on chemical fertilizer additions, herbicides, pesticides or fungicide additions, or genetic manipulation;

  • The current system is destroying our environment, reducing soil organic matter and causing nutritional health problems;

  • Current commercial production is only based on 18th century chemistry and 21st century genetic manipulation.

Breakthru Technology Agronomic facts:

  • Every organism has an optimal growth Eco-system;

  • Plant development is not limited to chemical additions or genetic manipulation;

  • Breakthru´s Eco-nomic limits are based on a "Balanced System" or "Eco-system;

  • Breakthru´s Eco-nomics is based on 20th Century Chemistry and 21st Century Physics.

Our products and special management methods demonstrate the following advantages in plants:

    - 100% Natural and Beyond Organic;
    - Increased root development by up to five times;
    - Optimal natural genetic potential;
    - Dominant plant development;
    - Naturally disease and insect resistant, healthy

       productive plants;
    - Fresh, extended shelf life.

Come join us and enjoy the benefits of sustainable, Beyond Organic farming in a socially responsible network of producing Super Dense Nutrition food.

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