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It is a fact that sprouting begins chemically with the enzymatic breakdown of long chain carbohydrates and starches, like gluten, that are broken to the simpler amino acids usable for the growth of a plant and are in a more digestive form for animals. 


Also, it must be noted:

  • There are good glutens and bad glutens.  Barley naturally has 95% good glutens. Many individuals that are gluten intolerant find starting at extremely low daily inputs of BarleyGold and increasing over a longer period than the suggested servings, to have a more comfortable restoration process of the intestinal tract. For those who are not gluten intolerant, but merely have difficulty digesting certain grains, BarleyGold makes digestion  easier.

  • The enzyme "glucanase" alters and reduces any bad gluten present when synchronized sprouting of grains occurs.  Both the lowered adverse gluten content in barley and the breakdown of the gluten from glutanase, assures one of minimal, if any problems, by taking the BarleyGold. 

Other advantages that amplify BarleyGold´s nutritional benefits is the Beyond Organic four point process that it undergoes.


These four steps include:

  1. The INSTAGrowth Eco-logical Soil Management (I.G.E.S.M.) increases the density of nutrients within a given volume.  (For example standard barley has a 48 lb bushel weight and 8% protein.  I.G.E.S.M. produces up to 80 lbs per bushel at a 27% protein value.

  2. The Density Alteration Process (D.A.P.) separates dead seeds from live seeds, helps by not loading one´s stomach with enzyme inhibitors.

  3. The Growth Enhancement Method (G.E.M) further ensures that BarleyGold all live seeds are synchronized germinating seeds.  Incorrect sprouting causes gluten issues. 

  4. The Nutrient Stabilization Process (N.S.P.) suspends the enhanced digestibility of the BarleyGold for decades.  (More on Super Dense Nutrition video HERE).


Unfortunately, for post-fire humans, we have discovered how to cook our food!  From a fruit and vegetable nutritional standpoint, this was a great disaster.

There are over 4,000 digestive and metabolic enzymes necessary for a body to function and most are present in raw uncooked plant food.  Plant food enzymes are phyto enzymes (phyto = plant) and are “outside-created” enzymes versus those created in the body.


Cooking, even at low temperatures, is the death of many of these enzymes.  This results in our digestive organs, especially the pancreas,  being called upon to do the labor-intensive job of enzyme allocation.  The pancreas may overgrow to 2 to 3 times its normal size and begs, borrows and steals from the rest of the body so enough enzymes can be used to digest the cooked food eaten and maintain essential metabolic functions. 

This is only part of an unhealthy situation to which the answer is this simple:  If living enzymes can be derived from raw plant food sources, the body does not have to expend its precious energy making digestive enzymes in large quantities or diverting these enzymes from other areas.

Knowing these facts, scientists have pondered and experimented for over 130 years to understand how to unlock the nutrient potential of germinating seeds.  However, the bioassays concede success only 50% of the time.  Breakthru Technology has revealed the solution 100% of the time in the BarleyGold.  Testing verified the enzyme-rich, uncooked, highly digestible protein to be a highly nutrient whole food product.  (See BarleyGold vs barley Comparative table).   Synchronization of germination is the key that is captured in BarleyGold.  

An example for demonstrating the importance of enzymes is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant called the ‘anti-aging enzyme‘ is known as a ‘marker‘ enzyme because when high quantities are present, it denotes higher associated enzymes also being present.  BarleyGold has this enzyme equal to that of living plants!  Of the thousands of enzymes known to exist, we find Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), Alpha-amylase, Invertase, Limit Dextrinase, Pullulanase, Cellulase, B-glucanase, Phenolase, Acid Phosphatase, Peptidase, Endoproteinase, Proteinase and Phosphodiesterase to be in unusually high quantities in the BarleyGold.

BarleyGold is easy to take daily.  Its nutrients are stabilized at their peak usability after sprouting.  Take this product before eating your first meal of the day.  Add bountiful natural phyto nutrients, including phyto enzymes, to your diet.  Take advantage of the presence of these living enzymes in the Super Dense Nutrition of BarleyGold.



pH (power of Hydrogen)  balance is essential in the metabolism within the human body.  Only four areas of the body need to be acidic; the stomach, the skin, the outside of the blood vessels and the urine.  The rest of the body needs to be slightly alkaline being at a pH of 7.3.  Below or above this range the natural survival mechanisms of the body are striving to balance pH, to minimize degradation.

BarleyGold has an alkalizing effect because of its highly reductive state, (More details at How we Rot) thus, it helps maintain a balanced body fluid pH.   Most processed and cooked foods are acidic, so this type of food orientated diet disturbs the body's pH balance. The hydroxyl combinations with alkaline minerals such as: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, or live rich foods are rich in reductive potential hydroxyls (OH-) mirroring the Super Dense Nutrition of Breakthru Technology products, therefore, helping to neutralize and promote a healthy pH balance. 

BarleyGold is 100% pure organic barley that has been sprouted, then stabilized Beyond Organic to provide nutrients at their peak reductive potential.  It is easy to take daily for your renewed health.

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