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Nutrient Stabilization Process (N.S.P.):

​The basic premise of food preservation has been to slow down the deterioration of foods by minimizing or destroying microbial activity.  Methods such as refrigeration, canning, vacuum packaging, chemical preservatives, freeze drying, gassing and dehydration all help preserve food but also have a detrimental effect on the nutritional content and taste.    These highly processed lower nutritional foods starve our bodies because enzymes and beneficial microbial populations that help our own body metabolism are also destroyed in the processes mentioned above.

The N.S.P. process:

  • Is 100% mechanical;

  • Preserves pulp and juices in a highly stabilized form at room temperature for years;

  • Can be performed at any point in the harvesting procedure;

  • When refrigerated, dehydrated or vacuum packed, decades are added to product shelf life;

  • Preserves plant material components naturally and maintains nutrients and enzyme activity nearly at 97% of the original vine ripened, freshly harvested produce. 

In depth readings for N.S.P. benefits:

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