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How do we do it?      - Breakthru Proprietary Technologies - 

Density Alteration Process (D.A.P.):

  • Separates live seed potentials;

  • Removes dead seeds;

  • Matches seeds selected for:

    • Germination;

    • The highest genetic potential for:

      • Crop production;​

      • Management techniques;

      • Longitude, latitude, altitude;

      • Nutrient quality for different animals or human subjects.

Germination/Growth Enhancement Method (G.E.M.):

INSTAGrowth Eco-logical Soil Management (I.G.E.S.M.):

  • Revolutionary combination of processes, products and field management ensures continuous root development that mines soil and atmospheric nutrients;

  • Continued use ultimately balances or increases soil organic matter, friability, and nutrient availability / recycling; (Read more on Capturing Carbon.)

  • Allows up to 95% reduction of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bactericides and algicides;

  • Allows up to 95% reduction of conventional, industrial & synthetic fertilizers; 

  • Increases size and quality of the harvest up to 40%;

  • Increases flowering up to 50%.

See our Breakthru Technology / INSTAGrowth management system results on treated barley HERE..

Instagrowth Management

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