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Why use INSTAGrowth?



INSTAGrowth has been designed mainly with the progressive organic farmer who wants to go Beyond Organic.  However, techniques and products can be confidently implemented by conventional farmers as well. It is what we call the 21 Century Breakthru Eco-system or “Balanced System” which is designed to break the mold and instigate change through rational thinking that is logical for all levels of plant propagation, production and animal/human food quality.

This practice works in various degrees, because the natural cycles must be recognized and adjusted to. The basic concepts are to manage the land, understand the soil pedogenesis, crop history, weeds, soil chemistry, biochemistry, tissue analyses, determine the highest and best use of the land, in the current condition, and decide future crop rotations.  In essence, develop a type of roadmap for regeneration of the soils into a balanced, sustainable, profitable system that benefits producers, clients and the planet.

Understanding the above points provides for a viable future for all, by working with nature rather than implementing "gorilla agriculture" that is at war with the environment, for solely capitalistic reasons.  Bigger tractors, more chemicals, more fertilizers does nothing more than push against the natural bent of the land, eventually nature will reset the system.  The health of the soil and production is understanding and then managing the land potential and to understand the soil buffering capacity and the biotic activity that ultimately determines how and how much energy is harnessed through transformations, translocations and transmutations along the carbon cycle.  (Read more on Soil Carbon Restoration)  With frequent applications of INSTAGrowth, the soil will rebound to maintain a substantial margin of available minerals,   Consultation is available on request.  (Contact at

  • INSTAGrowth’s general formulation may be used on all crops.

  • INSTAGrowth should be used to minimize transplant shock, and can even be used as a base for N.P.K. or trace element additives; (See INSTAGrowth X-Factor)

  • INSTAGrowth improves seed germination vigor and helps release essential nutrients to plants. Aerial spraying or boom spraying is highly recommended, and is beneficial for both plants and soil;

  • INSTGrowth can be used in conjunction with the G.E.M. process to further assist in seedling establishment.


INSTAGrowth is a general formulation for all plants from turf, trees, flowers, shrubs, vegetables and even cut flowers. It starts the cycle by acting as a medium in transporting existing soil nutrients to plants and creating a hospitable environment for beneficial microbes both on the plant as well as in the soil to develop a beneficial state of fungistasis

Soaking seeds in diluted solution, 1500/1 of INSTAGrowth solution improves germination rates and provides a flying start for seedlings.   It also satisfies “hidden hungers” in plants requiring nutrient boosts at times of stress.  A foliar spray at 200/1 can be used as a rescue remedy during times of stress.  Bi weekly foliar applications of 200/1 will increase flowering, fruit production, quality of all produce and cold tolerance.  For perennials, fall root injections increase winter hardiness and massively increase flowering and production the next spring.  Spring or summer root applications are suggested in starting an INSTAGrowth program moving to fall or end of season applications after the first year for all trees.  (See Usage Guide)

Caution must be taken, for either fall or spring root applications as excessive amounts will promote growth more than the plant stock or trunk can handle.  With promoting tree growth, a gradual increase per year is suggested until the adequate tree size is achieved.  Only when the tree is under severe stress and emergency measures are needed to revive the growth excess amount should be used.


For ornamentals like roses, INSTAGrowth is indispensable, there are noticeable larger blooms, deeper colors, and less fungal and insect attacks.  If started at the beginning of the season, biweekly spraying will assist in increasing the number of flowers.  Ferns and orchids can take the diluted drops directly on the crown without burning them and it’s all they need. Larger blooms with greater intensity of color with thicker, shinier, oilier leaves will be your reward.

CAUTION: Multiple diluted applications are best as it seems excess INSTAGrowth seems to put the plant in shock and benefits are not seen.


For tastier produce like tomatoes, incorporate a little compost in the soil around the base of the plant or ask for our INSTAGrowth Tomato formula.


Less fungal and insect attacks will be noticed simultaneously with regular use. INSTAGrowth works to strengthen plant resilience and natural immunity observed in those instances when annoying fluctuations in the weather weaken plants.  Also, with experienced use, a combination with INSTAGrowth and INSTAGrowth X-Factor, can address different fertilizer requirements to refine production quality and quantity, and continue to reduce insect and pathogen damage caused by ongoing environmental stress factors. 


Currently, agriculture philosophy wages a war on unwanted species and views the environment as just a "Balance Sheet".  It accepts the chemistry argument; "Nothing can be created or destroyed".  Concluding that the solution must be balanced through chemical additions or genetic manipulation.  This is nothing more than asset and liability thinking.

It does not consider that nitrogen fertilizers throw the soil into imbalance changing pH that redistributes bacterial populations that effectively burn up soil organic matter leaving the soil hard and lifeless.   Food crops grown with these products force plants into unhealthy growth cycles where emphasis is to only maximize yields and profits.

Organic proponents are becoming increasingly aware of the damage these man-made fertilizers and chemicals are doing to our soils but also the damage that occurs to our health.

To discover the reality, one must understand some basic plant physiology. First, all nutrients move into the plant through the water in the humic or fulvic forms. A physical electron exchange occurs between the plant and the soil particle; this is referred to as the Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil or CEC. Roots naturally grow along the earth’s magnetic field aligning themselves for the greatest electron transfer. (For highest yields rows should be planted in an east/west direction so roots can grow into the space north of its row.) As a seed or plant absorbs moisture, the process of ionization occurs. Ionization is the process where elements are moved systematically from one location to another, a type of natural electroplating.  Each plant has a distinct ratio of nutrients that it requires for a healthy balanced system, a true democratic system.


What develops is a conjunction of certain frequencies absorption within soils that correlate to unique soil organisms and plant species. Frequency is the time it takes for one electron to make one complete cycle around a molecule of a substance. For instance citrus fruits have a frequency of 0.0009.   Human males have a frequency of 0.0000024, females a frequency of 0.0000026.


Proceeding deeper, distinct species are identified within families by the micronage or pattern that the atoms are stacked in a molecule. Milli-micronage is the path of the electron orbit, which determines the color of a plant. Finally, the milli-milli-micronage determines the individuality of each organism within species. Accordingly, this biophysical law does not allow species to breed or evolve into another kind, but rather only members of the same family can be mixed.

Predation or the healthy growth and production of plants is directly correlated to frequencies and most notably is the brix or sugar level in the plant. Low sugar levels in a plant signals that it is in a succulent weakened state (caused by high levels of nitrogen). The economics of INSTAGrowth helps balance soil dynamics and nutrient uptake such that the correct democratic absorption of nutrients occurs. This results in healthy, disease and pest resistant plants that produce higher bushel weights.

The conventional “Balance Sheet” thinking produces a "fast-food outlet", allowing predatory insects and pathogens to breed prolifically causing the producer’s yields to drop.  This loss is further compounded with the added expense of buying the fungicides or pesticides to keep these insects at bay.  The conventional system continues to spiral out of control with the new herbicides and pesticides damaging soil dynamics allowing unwanted or resistant species to invade into the newly formed ecosystem. Control never really occurs as the "life force" is drained.  Just eat a hydroponic grown tomato and then eat an organically grown one to see the difference!

Now more than ever, we need to restore this "life force" to our soils and INSTAGrowth does just that. Providing a comfortable oasis for earthworms and other beneficial organisms that help in the building up of humus, for it is humus and humus alone that our plants need to live in.

By applying INSTAGrowth Eco-system Management over a period of time, soil organic matter levels increase, giving plants access to minerals deep in the soil, enabling food crops to deliver what they were meant to man with the "life force" for his health.


Present organic practices embrace some of this new thinking and use part of what is called a "Balance System" approach.  Organic farming leans heavily on the Balance Sheet by requiring copious amounts of manure, compost or other organics prior to planting to resuscitate the life back into the soil.


Basic organics work to varying degrees, however, the natural mineral cycles of soil pedogenesis are overlooked, the natural crop rotation cycles and mutual beneficial and symbiotic relationships.  These facts determine the different soil forming processes that regulate the ratios of all the nutrients allowing for different ecosystems, essentially, the "Balanced System" is a major part of the Beyond Organic System".

Managing this very complicated mechanism of oscillating population density dynamics of micro and macro organism activity in soils ultimately influences plant development and nutrient quality. 

Breakthru Technology completes the "Balanced System" approach by showing how ecosystems include the 20th century physics of Albert Einstein that changed chemistry demonstrating that "Nothing can be created or destroyed but changed".


The complete Balance System embraces that all organisms have purpose and a place. It is the "Gaia Theory" or "Mother Earth" philosophy of organics which encompasses and shows how transmutations of elements and the interaction of organisms occurs.


In agricultural production, higher soil organic matter determines the soil buffering capacity, or the reserve that determines moisture retention and the water/wind erosion destruction. Indirectly INSTAGrowth influences soil organic matter through the increased root development and plant growth. High earthworm populations break down organic matter into food for plants just as our own intestines break down the organic matter that feeds us. The earthworm activity balances soil chemistry and biochemistry. The more man-made chemicals are put in the soil, the harder it is for worms and their related bacteria to survive.  (Read more on The Mighty Earthworm)


Breakthru Technology´s INSTAGrowth Eco-system advantage is truly a "Balanced System" that envelopes the previous cycle´s beneficial points and looks at what 21st century physics shows that "All matter was created out of nothing".  This approach views the universe as acting as a cohesive unit explaining how energies move through our space/time continuum.


In conclusion, INSTAGrowth is a 100% concentration of natural soil components that initiate the beneficial responses in the soil and plants.  With frequent applications of INSTAGrowth, the soil maintains a high concentration of earthworm and microbial activity to ensure the constant breaking down of organic soil matter into humus keeping the soil alive and productive, enabling crops to have ready access to these locked up nutrients.

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