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Breakthru MINERALS

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Health is strongly linked with the proper maintenance and chemical balance in our bodies.

Chemical balance depends on having the proper levels and ratios of different
minerals, where an imbalance begins a chain reaction of further shortcomings ultimately lead to illness.  

Minerals are needed for body fluids, blood, bones, healthy nerves and regulation of muscle tone.  They also work with
enzymes, enabling the body to perform its functions correctly, including energy production, growth and healing.  All enzyme activities involve minerals and, therefore, are essential for proper use of vitamins and other nutrients.

BREAKTHRU MINERALS are highly structured, highly available natural components that are treated for an efficient and effective absorption.


DayLight Essence of Hydrogen 

Daylight WEB.jpg


  • High Oxidative Reduction Potential  which is beneficial; 

  • Totally safe for the body; 

  • In full concentration, will eat   holes in cotton, stain arborite  and blacken stainless steel; 

  • Extremely low pH.

Recommended for

  • Powerful Antibacterial use;

  • Helps balance probiotics;

  • Poison on or in skin;

  • Minimizes fatigue;

  • Insect repellent;

  • Calming agent;

  • Clearing head;

  • Disinfectant;

  • Infections;

  • Parasites.

MoonLight Essence of Zeolite 

Moonlight WEB.jpg


Recommended for

  • Elimination of heavy metals;

  • Help balance body pH levels;

  • Elimination of toxins;

  • Aid healthy digestion. 

X-Factor Essence of Minerals 

X Factor WEB.jpg


Contains Minerals that are:

  • Easily assimilated by body;

  • Highly structured;

  • Natural;

  • Ionic.

Recommended for

  • Ease body waste elimination;

  • Facilitate enzyme production;

  • Deep tissue support;

  • Balance Health;

  • Pain relief.

Sunlight usage

SunLight Essence of Nature 



Recommended for

  • Clearing mind of mental toxins;

  • Brings everyone into correct alignment with having love, joy and peace.

Miracle Spray

Miracle Spray Essence of Energy 

Miracle Spray WEB.jpg


  • Highly energized herbal spray;

  • Non sticky, non-greasy;

  • Harmless if ingested;

  • No animal testing;

  • Odour / scent free;

  • Hypoallergenic;

  • Fast acting;

  • Easy to use;

  • All natural;

  • No taste.

Infused in distilled and mineral water.

Recommended for

Healing support for:

  • Overworked mucles;

  • Skin irritations; 

  • Skin eruptions;

  • Headaches; 

  • Itchy areas;       

  • Insect bites;

  • Abrasions;

  • Sunburn;             

  • Stiffness;

  • Scrapes;              -

  • Sprains;

  • Dry Skin;           

  • Aching;

  • Stress;                 

  • Scabs;

  • Cuts.

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