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It is known that a healthy plant resists disease, predation and severe weather better than an unhealthy plant and that all organisms have an optimal environment that they thrive in.  This is based on the fact that different organisms have different ecological ranges that are controlled by environmental stress factors within an ecosystem. 

It is important to note that each plant and tree species has its own specific environment in which it can achieve optimal growth, the same applies to the composition of the ideal organic fertilizer that will allow for the best development.  Root crops, for example, do best in high organic soils with a 6.7 pH.  

INSTAGrowth products´ specialized formulas include components that stimulate beneficial microbes that loosen soil, balance soil organic matter, provide the essential nutrients to produce massive root and shoot growth all culminating in healthy plants and Super Dense Nutritional produce. 
Pedogenesis or soil development is variable due to different parent geological material, precipitation, hydrology, longitude, latitude, altitude and life force influences, therefore, results will differ with objectives.    


INSTAGrowth Plant and Tree Food

IG Plant and tree food

Is a liquid concentrate containing natural minerals, humic and fulvic components which initiate favorable conditions for symbiotic bacteria growth and nutrient exchanges between the plant and soil.  As a foliar, it enhances nutrient exchange through osmotic conditioning of the plant and as a natural fungicide and pesticide. 

Can be combined with INSTAGrowth X-Factor and used with INSTAGrowth  Granular.

  • Interior and exterior plants;

  • Ornamental plants;

  • Cultivated turf, forage or reclamation grass species;

  • Vegetables;

  • Flowers.



  • All hard or soft wood or fruit trees (indigenous or cultivated species);

  • All commercial crops;

  • Bushes;

  • Trees.

INSTAGrowth Plant and Tree food is designed for:   

Benefits or corrects:   

  • Microbial populations, in the soil and plant surface areas;

  • Minimizes all insect or microbial predation problems;

  • Helps chelation of nutrients in soil;

As a foliar, best results are seen when applied at a 200 / 1 dilution every second week.

When used on root ball transplants, a silution of 1,500 / 1 is recommended for 24 hours, with the residue being poured into the planting hole prior to planting and soil additions.

IG Granular

INSTAGrowth Granular 

It is a cost effective, slow release product for initializing and maintaining soil health for optimal plant production.  It is approximately ten times the concentration of INSTAGrowth Plant & Tree Food Liquid with an equivalent of 2/3 the cost.   Application depends on soil fertility levels.    It is best applied in fall or before a new planting and incorporated into soil at  100 - 400 kg / Ha.

Application amount is dependent on size and condition of the plant(s) and the goal of the applicator.  (
Contact distributor for more information)

INSTAGrowth Granular designed for:   


  • Cutivated turf, forage or reclamation grass species;

  • All hard, soft wood, or fruit trees (indigenous or cultvated species;

  • Indoor and exterior plants;

  • All commercial crops;

  • Ornamental plants;

  • Vegetables;

  • Flowers;

  • Bushes;

Benefits and corrections:   

  • Creates optimum Beyond Organic environment resulting in larger, fruitful, healthier plants;

  • Stimulates beneficial microbes which loosen soils and provide essential nutrients amplifying massive root and shoot growth;

  • Minimizing of all predation problems;

  • Rejuvenation of weak or dying plants;

  • Two or three years of efectiveness.

IG Orgaic X-Factor

INSTAGrowth Organic X-Factor Fertilizer 

INSTAGrowth ORGANIC X-FACTOR liquid or solid has different efficacy rates which are dependent upon goals, location and problems.  In addition, attention to application rates is necessary for plant species, times of applications, cold or heat tolerances considerations, fungicide, insecticide, bactericide, pathogen, agae or vegetative control (herbicide) problems. 

When customized with other INSTAGrowth products, INSTAGrowth X-Factor efficacy can result in higher yields, growth and fruition factors  combined with exponential disease and insect resistance.

NOTE: INSTAGrowth X-Factor can also be used to absorb nitrogen in different animal production farms or feed lots, thus reducing odours, insects and pathogenic breeding grounds.



  • As a desiccant  (at high application rates);

  • As weed control; 

  • As control for different life cycles of insects and pathogens (when incorporated into the soil);

  • As a balanced fertilizer (it builds up plant cellular structure while making the plant unpalatable to predation);

  • As an inhibitor to cellular crystallization (extending and protecting the plants during times when freezing conditions occur):

  • As an osmotic conditioner for roots and leaves (during high heat stress minimizing evapotranspiration due to wilting);

  • As a osmotic conditioner during high heat stress minimizing evapotranspiration due to wilting;

  • As insurance (minimizing losses due to drought);

  • As a inhibitor of molds, fungus, bacteria, virus and algae on foliage and in root areas;

  • As a balancing agent for beneficial micro and macro organisms;

  • As a cost effective method to increase bushel weights and yields.

  • As a growth retardant on plants;



Is a combination of microbes which condition and and mine soil nutrients, up to one meter in depth.
Reference points of soil health improvements are:  Increase in new plant root mass, bio cycling of nutrients and balancing of non decomposed organic matter.

INSTAGrowth M is designed for:   


  • Use on soils for all types of indoor and outdoor plants.


  • Increase decomposition and soil nitrification for plants;

  • Reduction of nitrogen fertilizer requirements, up to 95%;

  • Eventual reduction of all inputs, including INSTA Growth products, excluding INSTAGrowth SEED.

IG Tomato

INSTAGrowth Tomato Nutrition

Perfect compliment to increase tomato productivity.  Though specifically designed for tomatoes, can be used on all plants for exceptional growth beyond the general INSTAGrowth Plant and Tree Food applications.

INSTAGrowth Tomato Nutrition is designed for:   


  • Tomatoes.

Application method:   

  • Can be used through fertigation systems at 1,600 / 1;

  • Or diluted at 1,600 / 1 in water and applied during watering;

  • Or applied at 200 / 1 as a foliar spray every third week.


INSTAGrowth G.E.M. Seed

G.E.M. treatment mechanically conditions seed to be drought resistant producing drought resistant plants.

INSTAGrowth Seed process can be

applied on:   

  • Regular and all high dormancy seeds;

  • Exclusions are hybrid, GMO and coated seeds.


  • Plants develop efficient and extensive root systems, up to five times more;

  • Reduction of up to 95% of fertilizer inputs per hectare;

  • Minimized soil erosion;

  • Increased crop competition;

  • Lowered seeding rates;

  • Minimized weed development;

  • Increased crop  yields;

  • Increased plant health.

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