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AgriBusiness Opportunities (Distribution)

At BREAKTHRU, we understand the excitement about the possibilities to open new markets for your enterprise or community through highly differentiated, distinct value added products.  We welcome companies and individuals with whom we may share common values, interested to join our distribution network with the purpose of bringing people closer to Beyond Organic, healthy products that contribute with farmer and consumer wellness.

Much as each individual´s agriculture requirements need different approaches, we also understand that there needs to be flexibility in the plans offered and have tried to accomodate different situations.

It is important that we emphasize the following:

  • BREAKTHRU is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing Company;

  • We endeavor to partner with collaborators that harmonize with common purposes and philosophies regarding our current and potential customer´s wellness and health;

  • BREAKTHRU endeavors to help, protect and promote growth of our collaborators such as associates and distributors;

  • Selling BREAKTHRU products DOES NOT limit selling other products or brands.

Our process is designed as thoughtfully as possible to profile our prospective associates as to the best marketing plans and protect collective interests.

Application Process:

  1. FIRST, be sure to have read the agricultural section on our webpage to get a grasp of our world-view and production philosophy.

  2. SECOND, give a thought about your understanding and position regarding the important aspects to guarantee fresh agricultural produce, its nutritional content and health.

  3. Fill details in Distributor Registration Form and send to

Our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

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