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Why is being Alkaline important?

In these modern times, the elevated consumption of acidic foods such as in carbonated drinks and oxidative foods (Read: How you Rot and Rust) will result in an acidic, oxidative or aging environment. When the body is acidic, it can suffer severe and prolonged damage, which may go undetected for years and can ultimately lead to serious metabolic failure.


Since our bodies are only able to assimilate minerals and nutrients when the pH is balanced, the two week BarleyGold Fast is a great way to ensure you are flooding your body with highly digestible, alkalizing nutrients and minerals. In doing so, it has shown to help with the regeneration of organs, first targeting cleansing and healing of the intestine. Along with feeling energized and being more aware, there is shedding several pounds of toxic, fecal matter, and inches of fat.

Before starting:

This Fast should only be started after being on the BarleyGold or Nature´s Gold for at least three months and after reaching suggested maintenance servings per day.  We also suggest complimenting the detox process with Breakthru´s MoonLight mineral compound.

It is highly recommended to be done with the guidance of your Herbalist, Naturopath, or in the care of your Medical Doctor. If you are going to get the help of a professional, start off with getting your meridians, blood work, blood pressure or any other measurements tested before you start. You then have a starting point, and it is exhilarating to see what your body can do in an alkalized balanced state!   Plus we love to have testimonials!

Your health specialist will also be able to assist you in customizing your fast to your body’s needs. A customized fast may need to consist of specific oils, drinking chlorophyll water, supplements or doing a liver cleanse before starting serious elimination of the toxins.


Our distributors can help with this. 



In trying to maintain an alkaline state:


  • Have one BarleyGold Fast day per week, or per month;

  • Try this with no other fruits or vegetables. Just the BarleyGold;

  • Or include a tablespoon of BarleyGold five minutes before each meal;

  • Note: Proper food combining will also help maintain a more alkalized state; this is, keeping proteins and carbohydrates apart when you eat.

Length of the BarleyGold Fast:


  • Should be at least two weeks and may need to be longer depending on the pH state of your body;

  • Should be discussed with your health specialist;

  • While doing the BarleyGold Fast, one can help the lymphatic system drain the toxins by walking one hour each day, practicing yoga, spraying oneself with a 5,000/1 diluted solution of the "DayLight", Breakthru's MINERAL product, after a shower or bath, soaking in an Epsom Salt bath, dry brushing your skin, rebounding, or even using an Infrared Sauna. 

Please remember that stress, anxiety, unforgiveness or any negative emotions are acidic and harmful to your body. So don’t forget to be at peace, be joyful, forgive and love! (More details in Letter from Ken Campbell)

Protocol for BarleyGold Fast 

(BarleyGold Alkalinizing Flush)

  • Increase BarleyGold intake to 2-4 heaping tablespoons, three times per day or more if hungry;

  • Only consume (if hungry) raw vegetables and fruit;

  • Drink at least eight glasses of distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water, with lemon;

  • Try to stay on this for two weeks.

For liver and kidney help, look below for Liver Cleanse smoothie and ask your distributor what other vitamins would be good.  If weight and health has not been stabilized after two weeks, add BarleyGold into a smoothie and drink three times per day.

Liver cleanse smoothie recipe

  • 1 Tablespoon of raw flax seed (ground before mixing);

  • 8 ounces of organic nut milk (young coconut or almond);

  • 1/2 a cup of berries or fruit;

  • 1 tablespoon of raw, unpasteurized honey.

The ingredients should be mixed in a blender.  This smoothie can then be added to the daily routine and be taken three times per day until your weight and health seems to stabilize (about another 3-4 weeks).

After stabilizing one´s weight and health, ONLY eat if you are feeling hungry.  Start to think: "Eat to live, don´t live to eat".  So in other words, eat only if you´re hungry.  Other foods can be incorporated into the diet then reduce the smoothie down to once or twice a day.

Remember to listen to your body´s Eicosanoid Metabolism.  Does the food taste right? Is your body saying "Stop!" which is initiated by coughing.  What are the after effects of your meal?  Pleasant or are you bloated, feeling nauseous or even vomiting, diarrhea or an immediate need for a bowel movement?  There might even be a mild allergic reaction like a runny nose, watering eyes or itching.  If any of the above occur, either eat less of these foods or avoid them for the time being.  It is interesting to note that women really get this concept.   Men it seems  haven´t been taught to assess their body responses and correlate appropriate actions.  Essentially, when one starts to consume foods that the body does not want, the Eicosanoid Metabolism will send a message to the brain to avoid these foods while developing cravings for other foods.

It is OK if you have no more desire for some foods that you have previously liked; your body will tell you what it needs.  Again, this is the Eicosanoid Metabolism working.

Additional liver cleansing guide HERE.

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BarleyGold Fast

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