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BarleyGold Testimonies

I can walk again!

Charles C. - Hughenden, Alberta


About a year ago, pain from an old back trouble started up again.  After a few Chiropractor treatments with no relief, it was determined to be Arthritis.  The pain worsened going down my leg, and prevented me from standing, walking and hardly getting up. The Doctor gave me morphine, which enabled me to get some sleep, but then the pain would return. 
A friend told us to look into Barley Gold, and it’s numerous testimonials that have helped others with healing old injuries.  

I started taking it and began noticing some relief in about 10 days – especially after increasing the Barley Gold to 2 Tablespoons every morning.


I was amazed and pleased that I could walk again a without pain, and I’m very thankful for what the Barley Gold is doing for me.

I continue to take 2 Tablespoons of Barley Gold every morning.

Growing Bones at 50

Gwen P.   Rimbey  - AB, Canada


After I started taking the BarleyGold I immediately had a good bowel cleansing.  Then my sinuses began to drain, which was wonderful.  Next, I began to have bone pain where the cancer had been.  When I feel the bone in my forearm the rough holes aren’t as deep.  It appears the bone is growing back!


Kidney Stones and Joint Swelling do the Disappearing Act

Joseph W.  -  Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada


Truthfully, I was somewhat skeptical, but decided to try BarleyGold.  My arthritic pain was really starting to affect me, and I was worried that kidney stones could potentially be a problem for the rest of my life.  Today, I am virtually pain-free.  The swelling on the joints has disappeared and I’ve had no more problems with kidney stones.  I take BarleyGold every day and feel just great!


Libido, Mobility and Energy

Wayne V.  -  North Dakota, U.S.A.


Since taking the BarleyGold Level 1 for 3 months I’ve gradually noticed my knees, hands and shoulder joints have reduced in pain and I have gained much more mobility. Even my energy level has increased and along with that the return of libido!


Indigestion is Gone - Appetite is Back

Laurie M.   -  Vancouver, BC, Canada


I suffered depression, lack of appetite and indigestion.  I started on BarleyGold and felt much better.  My appetite is good and I do not have indigestion.  I credit the BarleyGold in playing a good part in the changes I’ve made to better my well being.  I plan to continue on BarleyGold.


Golden Facial

Jo-Anne E. -  Brantford, Ontario, Canada


About a month after I began taking BarleyGold, I noticed that I was not craving sweets.  I have a life long sweet tooth and my body does not tolerate or wear off sugar as I get older.  The second thing that I noticed was that I was sleeping all night without waking up.  The third thing I noticed was how clear my skin was.  I have also found this summer that I do not get the dark liver spots on my lower arms when I tan.


Cleansing and Immunity

Walter S.   -  Sylvan Lake, AB, Canada


After I was up to two tablespoons of the BarleyGold, the mucus started cleansing out of my head and cleaning out of my lungs for two weeks.  An intestinal cleansing began and lasted about ten days.  I have great energy now and haven’t experienced so much as a cold.  BarleyGold is the Super Food for a lifetime.

Sleeping Better with No Allergies

Anna P.  -  Nanaimo,  BC, Canada


I had such bad allergies I couldn’t even eat fruits and vegetables.  Within ten days of taking the BarleyGold it had already helped.  No more sneezing!  I’m more energetic and sleep better at night.  When I went off the BarleyGold for a few days my allergies started coming.  I haven’t gone off it since.


Retiring Healthy

Edward T. - Medicine Hat, AB, Canada


I started taking the BarleyGold about four years ago because I am a firm believer in good nutrition.  Also, being in the retirement stage of life, I felt my nutritional needs would be larger.  I get almost daily exercise at the pool/gym.  When I don’t take the BarleyGold for a few days I do notice lethargy.  My commitment to the product is soon renewed.  I relish those good cholesterol levels and good blood pressure results.


Fibrous Healing

Ivan O. -  Elmvale, Ontario, Canada


After my triple by-pass and valve surgery, I became constipated from all the medication. My daughter picked me up from the hospital and gave me BarleyGold; I started at 2 tablespoons because of my discomfort. Within a few days I was having regular bowel movements, and at my six-week check up, the Doctor was very pleased with my healing! Major surgery at my age (79); comes with its own set of complications. I was so relieved and pleased I decided to stay on the BarleyGold. My wife and I just celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary. We vowed to start each day with a toast of BarleyGold.


Eating Less and Energy Plus

Lorne O. - Sherwood Park, AB, Canada  


I have more energy while not eating as much.  I like the taste and I’m not getting colds or sickness.  I plan to continue on the BarleyGold.


Hot Diggidy Dog

Terri M. - Texas, U.S.A.


I stopped buying arthritis/joint medications for Colonel (my 11 ½ year old Rhodesian Ridgeback). I have him on a higher dosage of Ester-C and my mom suggested I put some BarleyGold on his food—so I did and continue to do so. As soon Colonel hears me fixing his food he now jumps up, stands there waiting for me to finish and if I am not fast enough he barks at me, runs over to his dish and devours his food. Here is the best part. I was standing guard at the back door about a week ago watching him go down the steps and my mouth fell open. Instead of his little back paws sliding out from under him as he went down the stairs he planted each paw

firmly on the step and walked all the way to the down without falling or slipping one time! Then when he finished going to the bathroom on the far corner of our yard he RAN back to the house and walked up the steps into the house! My sweetie pie weighs 118lbs, he is awake and is alert much more during the day.

I want to keep my precious boy around as long as I possibly can, as long as he is not suffering of course. Colonel has had the series of Adequan shots and has been on the strongest medication you can get. None helped him like the BarleyGold. I can personally swear by it!


Attack of the Asthma

Susan G. -  Alberta, Canada


I was diagnosed with Asthma and did not want to use the drugs the doctors prescribed, so I use various supplements to keep my condition in check. I have been using BarleyGold for close to 4 years.  I had a regular routine every morning where I would take my 2-3 tablespoons of BarleyGold and other supplements.  Somehow I got off my routine and stopped taking the BarelyGold for probably close to 2 months.  My asthma flared up and I couldn’t figure out why.  I even went on the 10 lemonade fast (it definitely helped) but once I quit the fast my mucous starting building up again quickly.  I started taking my BarleyGold again and the difference is wonderful.  I feel almost back to normal – within one week of resuming use! Sometimes we need to go off a supplement to realize how good it is for us!


Osteoporosis?  Diverticulitis?

Doris K. -  Alberta, Canada


Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my right hip and lower back with a high percentage.  I have been using BarleyGold for about 2 1/2 years.  Two years later my bone density tests have reversed 100%!  The technician thought I was on special medication but all I use is the BarleyGold.  My doctor told me to keep using whatever it is that has changed this for me.

I also have diverticulitis, bowel blocks on all 4 corners of my intestine.  I was at the point where pockets were forming which made me go the hospital for shots to relax my bowel completely to unplug these blocks.  Initially I used Green Alive (5 years) but now I use BarleyGold.  I have not been to the hospital for 8 years.  It works!


Volley Ball, here we come!

Tom B.  -  North Dakota, USA


Three days into taking the BarleyGold Level 1 at only ½ teaspoon I was laying in bed at night and all of a sudden a sharp pain went shooting across my knee cap.   Then I remembered 3 years ago that I had popped my kneecap out of joint playing volleyball in Cancun.  Ever since that time there has been no pain and the strength to the knee has increased!  Overall at 54 years of age I feel as good as I did at 40.  Thank-you for a complete food!  I’ll be taking it the BarleyGold for the rest of my life.  By the way, my grocery bill has decreased along with my waist size.  I can hardly wait to go on the Barley Flush.


Turn-Around Skeptic

Aclis T.  -  South Dakota, USA


To be truthful, I was a bit skeptical when I first started Barley Gold, but to give it a true try-out, I decided to give up all my prescription meds.  After about 4 weeks, I said to my husband “My pain is gone!”  It also helped with my bowels.  I now take BarleyGold everyday and feeling great.  Thank-you BarleyGold!


Crystal Clear 

Mel C.   Pennsylvania, USA


After years of research for the highest quality nutritional foods, I have discovered some very good products.  During this time I found “BarleyGold”. After taking the BarleyGold for 3 weeks, I noticed an improvement in my vision, and an increased energy level!  Since I have already received positive change taking the BarleyGold, I will continue to take this product.


Reversal of Age

David P.  Cambridge, Ontario


I began taking BarleyGold after 7 years of severe illness with my digestible track and a lump in my liver.  I was in extreme pain, with little or no energy and often near death.  After the 2nd jar of BarleyGold I began to notice more energy, but into the 4th and 5th month my energy was at the level of a healthy child whom you cannot keep down!  I reduced my servings to 1 – 2 tablespoons every second or third day.  I feel as good now as I have ever, in my life and I believe it was due mostly to the BarleyGold.  I have never taken a product that gave such dramatic results!


Super Combo

Stan and Jan N.   Joshua Tree, California


After 5 months of taking the BarleyGold with flax seed; we feel great!  We feel stronger and younger and have more energy.  We lost craving for just about all junk food.  It seems we do not have to eat as much food through out the day.  The BarleyGold seems to metabolize the system.  It has helped with weight loss in the tune of 15 pounds so far.  Also having the energy to work out 30 minutes a day.  My joints are getting better.  There is so much more the BarleyGold and flax is doing for us that we make it a way of life.  We are very regular every day now.  We start our day with BarleyGold and flax and we like the way we feel.  My husband says not bad for 63 and 56!


Fast Recovery from Surgery


My husband had bypass surgery less than 2 weeks ago. He has been using SunLight, MoonLight, BarleyGold and Miracle Spray  for a month. He recovered so quickly from his surgery we couldn't believe it. Day 4, no more narcotic pain killers! Day 5 and beyond, walking 3 times a day. Doing 25 minutes of walking, 3 times a day on day 10. He was able to spend 7 hours at his family reunion on day 9. Nobody there could believe it! His sister had knee surgery 2 months ago and she also recovered remarkably fast. Her doctor couldn't believe it. She used BREAKTHRU products for 3 weeks prior to surgery.

Bi-polar (Manic-Depressive) ued Medications

Collin M. - Jerseyville, IL.


Hi y' all

I'm pretty excited about what BREAKTHRU is doing for my mother. Mom is 80 years old and she is bi-polar (Manic-Depressive). Five years ago her doctor put her on 8 medications. After mom had been on all BREAKTHRU food and mineral components for 6 weeks, she went in for a check-up and her doctor took her off of 5 medications: Alprazolam, Colace, Norpramin, Potassium, and Valsartan. I am so excited about mom's improvements. Thanks, BREAKTHRU


Espe – Cameron Park CA


My name is Espe; I live in Cameron Park Ca. I am 59 years old.

I've been suffering with Parkinson's for 8 years. I suffered all the classic symptoms; arm and leg pain, poker face, classic shuffle, weak legs, tremors, no arm movement when walking, dizzy spells, limited mobility, short term memory loss, major sleeplessness, no energy, etc. After the diagnosis, Doctors have put me on several different medications. None of them really helped and one just plain put me in the hospital with massive anxiety attacks and paranoid tendencies.


Under Doctors orders I took my medications every 4 hours. I had to or my legs and body didn't want to work at all. My Doctors gave me no hope, or had any positive comments at all. I was only told that I have Parkinson's, that there is no known cure, and that I am only going to get worse. The hardest thing for me was giving up my guitar playing.


Three weeks ago we were introduced to what was supposed to be a new breakthrough technology in the arena of nutritional supplementation. We never dreamed it might be an alternative treatment for managing illnesses - let alone Parkinson's. I started taking them as a request from my husband who was concerned for my general overall health, wanting me to have a better quality of life. What a surprise he had coming! I took the first dose Sunday evening, Mothers Day, May 14. I woke up the next morning, Monday, May 15, PAIN FREE!* Wow! What a difference in just one night! Not only was my pain gone, but my legs were not tight or stiff as they have always been and I was without tremors of any kind. Needless to say I took another dose that morning.


Throughout that first week I gradually developed more energy than I've had in more than 5 years. I almost had to force myself to go to bed and yet when there I slept like a baby through the whole night. Instead of taking the medications every four hours I could go seven to eight hours between doses and still function normally. The most amazing thing is on the 9th day of taking the supplements I was able to cut out one whole dose of my medication altogether.


Now, just two weeks later, with only about $200 out of pocket, I can walk without sliding or scooting my feet. I don't have to stop and think in order to move my legs anymore and I don't have to tell my legs in what direction I want to move. I just move as I used to! I can even walk backwards again have started to blink my eyes more regularly.


I have energy again, have no problem with memory loss and a whole new outlook on life. I also have a social life again and can even keep up with my two year old grandson, something I have not been able to do his whole life! I am really excited because any time I want I am able to play my guitar again – it's been years! It's good to have my life back.


I now believe that by simply eliminating acidity, heavy metals and toxins from my body, and by raising my oxygen levels and replacing essential minerals, that there is a chance of getting continually better instead of worse. This technology has changed my life and in a very short time. It has put the elements into my body that it needed to begin a healing process. I now believe that in time, I may be able to get off all my medications and not be dependent to them anymore! In just two weeks I am half way there.


I was getting so tired of the struggle and of being a burden to my family. It feels good to be in control again! I started using products from *BREAKTHRU Health Sciences. What a difference it is making!


Thank you BREAKTHRU, very, very much! Espe'


PARKINSON'S - Great News!

Gerry and Espe - Cameron Park, CA


GREAT NEWS!!!! My wife Espe went to the nero doc yesterday AND WOW! He did a complete checkup, and according to the Dr. if he had seen her on the street without knowing he would never guess that she has PD. He told her that she is walking normal arms swinging and strolling, eyes have movement and are blinking and she has various facial expressions, arm and leg muscles are strong and resistant when tested WOW!! Six months ago she could hardly walk and had depression issues, she started all the BREAKTHRU products on the 15th of May 06. I just cannot believe that just by balancing the body’s pH and what ever else the BREAKTHRU does or how ever it works to help the body to heal itself, we are true believers. Needless to say we are very happy campers.



S.F. Judd - Chiefland, FL


I started on BREAKTHRU's four products the middle of June, 2006. Soon I noticed being able to express my “inner” thoughts, that often are trapped inside by the speech difficulties caused by 20+ years of Parkinson's.  Within one week on start-up levels of the four products, I FELT AND WAS ABLE TO EXPRESS, that something “inside” was better – THE WORDS WERE COMING TO ME EASIER as I was trying to say what I was thinking.


My struggles with constipation and/or lack of movement (chronic, lifelong) were improved within a few weeks, to a place of NATURAL ELIMINATION with little to no need for assistance.


My daily ENERGY IS INCREASING, with 8+ hours each day engaged in activity and interaction with others, WITHOUT INCREASES IN MY DELUSIONAL ANXIETIES (which had led me to states of delirium in the past). I am much more calm and able to relax, with less confusion about what is happening around me!


Though my mobility issues still do not include walking or having balance/coordination to stand on my own, just today, July 25, 2006. I LIFTED MY LEFT FOOT OFF THE FLOOR momentarily while pulling myself up to a standing position – I have been unable to lift either foot off the floor while standing for over two years now! My experiences of pulling up stronger and getting MORE WEIGHT OVER MY FEET have been more frequent over the past month.


Though such noticed improvements may be slight according to many, they are huge encouragements to me, as I feel I am getting to take back CONTROL OF MY LIFE. Just being able to wash my own hands or lift a foot means so much.


The drops are so easy for me to accomplish taking, compared to the 35 pills/day my body was breaking down from when I stopped using all medications three years ago. I knew, felt, and could barely even express in 2003 that life was ending for me.


Today I look at BREAKTHRU product as a gift that is gradually helping to bring my life back. I now look eagerly forward to a time when I will resume an active life despite the impairments the Lewy Bodies of Parkinson's has put on me mentally, physically, and emotionally (but never spiritually).


For now, I must offer these first-hand experiences through my wife (since she knows me so well after 31 years together), but I now look forward to the day of sharing my experiences with others directly, taking back all the tasks of daily living, and continuing to overcome the Parkinson's symptoms!


Core Tiredness Gone & More Energy

Doby K. - Farmerville, LA.


I've been in alternative medicine for 16 years--worked for a naturopathic doctor for 6 years. I have been exposed to a lot of great products (including Chinese herbs, essential oils, homeopathic--you name it)--but have never had the results from any of those products like the results I have had with the BREAKTHRU products. I have had“core tiredness” for years and could not get rid of it.  I started taking the BREAKTHRU products on June 22, 2006. Four days later, I woke up and realized that the tiredness was gone. It is still gone. I had a constant dull ache in my lower back for years--it is gone. I have a wonderful energy level, more stamina and I feel alive! I breathe deeper. I was cooking in the kitchen on July 11, 2006, and it hit me that I had not been craving sweets. I have no desire for them. Mental fog is gone and I have an over-all sense of well-being. I also wake up from a restful sleep. When I first heard the discussion about the distilled water, I thought that's crazy. I've been taught that the best water was reverse osmosis. But after I had been on the products for 3 days, I tried the distilled water. Before I put the bottle down, I had drank 3/4 of a gallon of water. I've also noticed that I have more energy drinking the distilled water. I'm more refreshed--I'm hydrated. When I feel symptoms of detoxing, I simply drink more of the distilled water and the symptoms subside. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the BREAKTHRU Products!!!!!


Numbness in Lower Legs & Feet Diminished

Tracy B. - Farmerville, LA


My lower legs and feet went partially numb in September, 2004, and my feet were very heavy to lift as I walked. I waddled like a duck. The bottoms of my feet would get extremely sore if I walked any distance. I used a wheelchair when grocery shopping at Super Wal-Mart. I had no energy at all and did not have very good balance. I started taking 2 drops of DayLight a day and 10 drops of MoonLight with the BarleyGold Products on July 5, 2006. Within 3 or 4 days my energy level changed dramatically for the good. I noticed that I was stumbling less and my balance was improving. On July 12, 2006, I started taking 2 drops 2 times a day of DayLight. The next night I had restless legs at 4:00 a.m. and experienced the restless legs for 2 additional nights at the same time. On July 16, 2006, I woke up and found significant improvement in the feeling in my legs and feet. I can't remember the last time I felt this much energy--even in my teens--I feel like a different person!!!! I'm hopeful the numbness will completely go away in the near future. My personality has also changed for the better--my husband says I smile a lot more.


Estelle G. - Farmerville LA


I have been critically ill for approximately 5 years. I have had extreme chemical sensitivity, liver and gallbladder issues, as well as a very weak heart with many close calls with death. I got very little help from medical doctors. So I turned to alternative medicine. Even though, I did have results, I still had to live a very sheltered life--picking and choosing what I could do. At times, I couldn't even get up out of bed because I was so weak. On February 7, 2006, I had a very severe attack with my heart and went to the Emergency Room as I could not breathe. I had several tests run and was told that I had scar tissue on the back side of my heart and the right ventricle was damaged and had a good bit of scar tissue also. I was told there was nothing that could be done for me. They gave me nitroglycerin and sent me home. I was having to take the nitroglycerin 2 or 3 times a week. I was introduced to the BREAKTHRU products by a friend and received my products June 23, 2006. I started taking 2 drops of the DayLight. Within 2 days, I could see a difference in my breathing--I was not short-winded--I had more energy and my heart felt stronger. On the 26th, I was able to do quite a bit of housework, which I literally have not been able to do in the last 5 years. If I washed the dishes, I would have to wash a few and then sit down and rest. Within 2 weeks, I added 6 drops 3 times of MoonLight a day. It has been detoxing me “big time”, but I have normal energy, my chemical sensitivy is greatly improved and I have had no symptoms with my heart. On Saturday, July 8, 2006, I got up at 8:30 a.m., cooked breakfast, did 2 loads of laundry, dusted the furniture, went to Wal-Mart (walked around), left Wal-Mart, walked down to Brookshires (which is better than 150 yards) walked around in the grocery store, went home, unloaded the groceries, and best of all---I danced to music without getting out of breath or having any problems with my heart. I feel like a different person!! I'm alive!!! Just a note--drinking distilled water has made a tremendous difference in the effects of the product. If I feel nasty or a headache, or achy, I just drink a good bit of the distilled water and it flushes it out. I try to drink an 8 oz. glass every hour. I can't wait to see what my results will be in another month.



CW in New Iberia, Louisiana.


I got off the phone this afternoon, June 26, 2006, with a very good friend of mine. TK is currently offshore and it has been very important that he has Ritalin to function. He is 28 years old and has been diagnosed with a severe case an Attention Deficit Disorder. If he missed his medication, or worse... run out of his prescription, his arm would start to uncontrollably tremble. Since TK is offshore, he can't easily come in to go to the doctor. Sometimes he has to stay on that job for up to 28 days. However, the great news is since he started taking the DayLight and BarleyGold on June 22, 2006, TK has not had to take any Ritalin for the past five days. He said that he has more energy and is sleeping better. I just wanted to pass this information on to you. Thanks again.


Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”)

Shirley H.


I have severe MS with terrible pain and constant constipation. I have to take medication daily to move my bowels. I didn't need any medication to move my bowel. I am on morphine to help cover the pain. I usually take morphine at 6 am, but at 10 am this morning, I am still not needing any morphine.

DISCLAIMER: All statements and information presented in these testimonials or reports are for information purposes only.  It is not intended that the manner the information is presented, in the testimonial or reports, to make medical claims or imply any medical claims. Notwithstanding, due to individual differences between the people, it is not known if any of the products referenced in the reports will be of any benefit to any particular person.   Not everyone will experience the same results.  Results often vary.  It is possible that some people might not notice any results at all.   These statements have not been evaluated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Food and Drug Administration. 


BREAKTHRU TECHNOLOGY and its affiliate companies, directors, officials, shareholders, employees and affiliated distributors are not medical doctors and do not provide medical advice for the products discussed herein.  For medical advice, please consult your medical practitioner.  Further, these products or the above mentioned participants do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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