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Daylight Testimonies

Perfect Gums!


Last Monday I went to my dentist for my regular every-6-months teeth cleaning. My gums have been always OK, but cleaning was needed little deeper under the gums and the doctor was always urging my to keep a little better hygiene of it. This time he was very, very surprised that there was NO cleaning needed at all, gums looked to him extremely healthy, he even stated that he does not come across such perfectly kept to often. He was shocked when I told him that I have not changed my teeth cleaning habits at all, neither increased or changed cleaning schedule or methods, except that I take fulvic acid for the last 5 months regularly (DayLight and/or SunLight Mineral Complex).


Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”)

Shirley H.


I have severe MS with terrible pain and constant constipation. I have to take medication daily to move my bowels. I didn't need any medication to move my bowel. I am on morphine to help cover the pain. I usually take morphine at 6 am, but at 10 am this morning, I am still not needing any morphine.


Chronic Sinus Infection

Brettie G.


I have suffered from chronic sinus infection and could not get relief no matter what I tried. My sinuses broke loose and started draining after just two applications of MoonLight and DayLight. Now after three days, my head is completely clear.


Energy Increase

Al H.


One day on the products and there is already an increase in energy.

Chronic Acne - Weight Loss

Bryanna Q.


I am age 17 and I have chronic, severe acne. I have been on the BREAKTHRU DayLight and MoonLight just one week and my acne is all cleaned up. My clothes are fitting more loosely and my mother has lost one pant size too.


Hurricane Katrina & Dying Cows

After the hurricane Katrina there were hundreds of cattle dying after drinking the polluted water. A veterinarian diluted some of our DayLight, MoonLight and injected it into the jugular vein of 400 cows that were laying flat on their sides. 399 of them lived while all of the cattle on both sides of the fence died.


Mouth Sores

Julia R.


I went to visit my sister in law. She had sores inside her mouth. I put six drops of DayLight under her tongue and the next day she called me and said the sores were all gone.


Hanta Killer Virus

Dr. Jim B.


I was infected by the Hanta Killer Virus from a deer mouse that built a nest in the venting system of my car. I started getting the symptoms shortly after turning on the fan in my car a couple of days ago. I was very concerned as fifty percent of the people who contact this virus die from it. Last night I told my wife to be prepared to take me to the hospital in the morning if I wasn't feeling better. I doubled up on my dose of the DayLight and this morning the symptoms are all gone.



S.F. Judd - Chiefland, FL

I started on BREAKTHRU's four products the middle of June, 2006. Soon I noticed being able to express my “inner” thoughts, that often are trapped inside by the speech difficulties caused by 20+ years of Parkinson's.  Within one week on start-up levels of the four products, I FELT AND WAS ABLE TO EXPRESS, that something “inside” was better – THE WORDS WERE COMING TO ME EASIER as I was trying to say what I was thinking.


My struggles with constipation and/or lack of movement (chronic, lifelong) were improved within a few weeks, to a place of NATURAL ELIMINATION with little to no need for assistance.


My daily ENERGY IS INCREASING, with 8+ hours each day engaged in activity and interaction with others, WITHOUT INCREASES IN MY DELUSIONAL ANXIETIES (which had led me to states of delirium in the past). I am much more calm and able to relax, with less confusion about what is happening around me!


Though my mobility issues still do not include walking or having balance/coordination to stand on my own, just today, July 25, 2006. I LIFTED MY LEFT FOOT OFF THE FLOOR momentarily while pulling myself up to a standing position – I have been unable to lift either foot off the floor while standing for over two years now! My experiences of pulling up stronger and getting MORE WEIGHT OVER MY FEET have been more frequent over the past month.


Though such noticed improvements may be slight according to many, they are huge encouragements to me, as I feel I am getting to take back CONTROL OF MY LIFE. Just being able to wash my own hands or lift a foot means so much.


The drops are so easy for me to accomplish taking, compared to the 35 pills/day my body was breaking down from when I stopped using all medications three years ago. I knew, felt, and could barely even express in 2003 that life was ending for me.


Today I look at BREAKTHRU product as a gift that is gradually helping to bring my life back. I now look eagerly forward to a time when I will resume an active life despite the impairments the Lewy Bodies of Parkinson's has put on me mentally, physically, and emotionally (but never spiritually).


For now, I must offer these first-hand experiences through my wife (since she knows me so well after 31 years together), but I now look forward to the day of sharing my experiences with others directly, taking back all the tasks of daily living, and continuing to overcome the Parkinson's symptoms!


Numbness in Lower Legs & Feet Diminished

Tracy B. - Farmerville, LA

My lower legs and feet went partially numb in September, 2004, and my feet were very heavy to lift as I walked. I waddled like a duck. The bottoms of my feet would get extremely sore if I walked any distance. I used a wheelchair when grocery shopping at Super Wal-Mart. I had no energy at all and did not have very good balance. I started taking 2 drops of DayLight a day and 10 drops of MoonLight with the BarleyGold Products on July 5, 2006. Within 3 or 4 days my energy level changed dramatically for the good. I noticed that I was stumbling less and my balance was improving. On July 12, 2006, I started taking 2 drops 2 times a day of DayLight. The next night I had restless legs at 4:00 a.m. and experienced the restless legs for 2 additional nights at the same time. On July 16, 2006, I woke up and found significant improvement in the feeling in my legs and feet. I can't remember the last time I felt this much energy--even in my teens--I feel like a different person!!!! I'm hopeful the numbness will completely go away in the near future. My personality has also changed for the better--my husband says I smile a lot more.


Heart issues, liver & Gallbladder issues, chemical sensitivity

Estelle G. - Farmerville LA

I have been critically ill for approximately 5 years. I have had extreme chemical sensitivity, liver and gallbladder issues, as well as a very weak heart with many close calls with death. I got very little help from medical doctors. So I turned to alternative medicine. Even though, I did have results, I still had to live a very sheltered life--picking and choosing what I could do. At times, I couldn't even get up out of bed because I was so weak. On February 7, 2006, I had a very severe attack with my heart and went to the Emergency Room as I could not breathe. I had several tests run and was told that I had scar tissue on the back side of my heart and the right ventricle was damaged and had a good bit of scar tissue also. I was told there was nothing that could be done for me. They gave me nitroglycerin and sent me home. I was having to take the nitroglycerin 2 or 3 times a week. I was introduced to the BREAKTHRU products by a friend and received my products June 23, 2006. I started taking 2 drops of the DayLight. Within 2 days, I could see a difference in my breathing--I was not short-winded--I had more energy and my heart felt stronger. On the 26th, I was able to do quite a bit of housework, which I literally have not been able to do in the last 5 years. If I washed the dishes, I would have to wash a few and then sit down and rest. Within 2 weeks, I added 6 drops 3 times of MoonLight a day. It has been detoxing me “big time”, but I have normal energy, my chemical sensitivy is greatly improved and I have had no symptoms with my heart. On Saturday, July 8, 2006, I got up at 8:30 a.m., cooked breakfast, did 2 loads of laundry, dusted the furniture, went to Wal-Mart (walked around), left Wal-Mart, walked down to Brookshires (which is better than 150 yards) walked around in the grocery store, went home, unloaded the groceries, and best of all---I danced to music without getting out of breath or having any problems with my heart. I feel like a different person!! I'm alive!!! Just a note--drinking distilled water has made a tremendous difference in the effects of the product. If I feel nasty or a headache, or achy, I just drink a good bit of the distilled water and it flushes it out. I try to drink an 8 oz. glass every hour. I can't wait to see what my results will be in another month.


ACNE update



Hi everyone.


Here's an update on my son's acne condition:


His face is looking great and his back is getting better and better everyday.


Initially his back was so broken out and inflamed it literally made me cry. Now I feel like I am helping my son get healthier from the inside out! He was away for a few days during the second week and when he returned I couldn't believe how much better his skin looked! His face appears to be approximately 50% better from what it initially was. His back looked approximately 20% better – which is HUGE for him as he really doesn't take his shirt off during the warm summer months because he is so embarrassed of his condition. Now the pimples are drying up and the mess has been slowly disappearing all over his body!


His protocol was and is as follows:


For approximately the first week-and-a-half he used 3-drops of DayLight and Miracle Spray 3-times per day. At approximately the third day he related to me that he was experiencing a headache. (Note: he normally doesn't get headaches). I believe he was experiencing a detoxifying affect...all that waste material being eliminated from him.


Then, after about a week-and-a-half he increased the dosage to 5-drops 3-times per day, and has been continuing at that dosage.


As per drinking-water: He has been drinking reverse-osmosis water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in it. By the way, he always had a good diet and is not a soda nor junk-food eater.


That's it for now; will post again soon.


Attention Deficit Disorder ("ADD")

CW in New Iberia, Louisiana.


I got off the phone this afternoon, June 26, 2006, with a very good friend of mine. TK is currently offshore and it has been very important that he has Ritalin to function. He is 28 years old and has been diagnosed with a severe case an Attention Deficit Disorder. If he missed his medication, or worse... run out of his prescription, his arm would start to uncontrollably tremble. Since TK is offshore, he can't easily come in to go to the doctor. Sometimes he has to stay on that job for up to 28 days. However, the great news is since he started taking the DayLight and BarleyGold on June 22, 2006, TK has not had to take any Ritalin for the past five days. He said that he has more energy and is sleeping better. I just wanted to pass this information on to you. Thanks again.





Just checked my saliva and my PH is 7.25. I can't believe this with using the mineral products only one day. Thanks for convincing me to use this product. I now feel confident I'm on my way to better health. Haven't mentioned this to my son yet, but I'm sure I will be letting him know soon.





This AM my pH was 7.0. I'm really impressed!!!! This is the start of my third day of using three drops 3X's/day.

This is my opinion. Being the bottle states “Serving Size 3:drops” it seems to suggest to me that this would be what is recommended if your pH is in the alkaline range. The card that was included in the package is obscure as to how many times per day you should take it, but the instructions I got from you states three times per day. So it is my feeling that I should stay at 3 drops 3 times per day. I see no reason to increase to 5 drops 3 times per day. What is your advice on this?


It has really put a spring in my step. Prior to taking this when I walked to the post office I just kind of ambled along. The first day I walked at a very fast pace. My post office is 1/2 a mile away. Round trip I get in a mile. I'm not all tuckered out when I return home either. I pray to God that this will continue. There have been numerous things I have tried that gave me a lift, but I went right back to feeling the same way I felt in a very short time.


Also as I told you I have asthma. I have noticed I'm bringing up phlegm instead of the annoying dry cough I had prior to taking this. Hopefully this will continue and I will be able to overcome the shortness of breath I have too.

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