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Miracle Spray Testimonies

Bruises, muscle pain

Achu, NJ

“I received this wonderful product as a present to my family from a close friend. When I first heard that this product could do so many things I was very skeptical, and since at the time I had no aches or pains I put it aside and forgot about it. About a week later I sustained a significant bruise that was aching. I put up with the pain for a couple of hours until I remembered that I had my Miracle Spray Plus™ in the bathroom’s medicine cabinet. Thinking that it would probably not work, I thought I would give it a try because of the discomfort that I had. I sprayed my bruise three or four times and it still hurt.   I said silently to myself that this is what I expected and walked away silently grumbling. The amazing thing is that about 15-20 minutes later I found myself riding my bike and the pain was completely gone! There was such a smooth transition to normalcy that it was indiscernible. Needless to say I am grateful for this spray.”


Feeling Younger

Linda Wolslau


We are up to 4 drops 3x daily Miracle Spray and were planning to go to 5, but maybe that is not necessary? Also, we seem to be youthing, little eye lines have gone and are going away, and we just feel younger! It has only been a week since we got started.



Stacey, IA.

“Your Miracle Spray Plus™ definitely helped my 2 year old daughter who burned herself such that she was screaming and shrieking in pain, it was way past just crying, and I didn’t know what to do. My Mom luckily was visiting me and had some of your spray in her car. She ran out to get it, and it was like a movie or something for when my Mom sprayed my daughter she instantly stopped screaming. I never saw anything like that before, it worked so fast, instantly. It’s really a great product. Thanks again to my Mom and you guys.”



Judy, OK

“I have a very bad case of Eczema on my eyebrows, eye lids, the corner of each eye, and in my left ear, which makes these parts very dry and unusually itchy. Whenever this Eczema starts feeling dry and itchy I now spray with my Miracle Spray Plus™. You can quote me when I say that your all-in-1 spray works like a miracle, because right after I spray, 100% of the itching immediately stops, and my skin instantly feels nice and moist. I carry in my Miracle Spray Plus™ in my purse, so it is handy when I need it. This spray has long lasting value for me because it works for hours, sometimes six to 8 hours.   Thank you for a tremendous product.”



Betty, TN


“At the office I had a splitting headache all day long that was devastating me. Nothing worked to reduce the pain. My usual medications Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin were not the least bit effective. Late in the afternoon one of our contract drivers named Maurice came into my office and immediately said that I did not look very good. When I told him of my killer-headache he said that he had just the remedy for me in his truck. With that he then ran out to his truck and came in with a Miracle Spray Plus™ bottle in his hand. He immediately performed his 2 finger 7-Step Headache Elimination Process on my head and neck which took about 2 or 3 minutes to complete. He touched each of seven spots for about two seconds each before he sprayed each of those spots. I then started filling out some paperwork while Maurice tended to some office matters. In about three or so minutes after Maurice performed his headache elimination technique with the All-in-1 spray I was completely pain free. This was astonishing, and Maurice smilingly said that it works almost every time. Let me say that your product is exceptional, and I have just ordered a bottle for myself.”


Stiff Joints, Better Sleep, Increased pH

Jeanie, Arizona


I had a scalding burn that immediately blister, but with 1-drop of Miracle Spray 3-times that day the blister subsided and the pain disappear and by the next day I could not see that anything happened at all! Also, my joints had been getting stiff and I was experiencing pain. It was hard to squat down to pick up anything of much weight at all, sometimes just a shoe and I would need to hold onto a chair or push off the floor to get up. Now I’m doing deep knee bends—the pain is not totally gone, but much of it is and the strength to do the tasks is there!

My pH level is stable at around 7.0. My husband’s is 7.0 – 7.25! We have been on lots of water, organic foods, and whole food nutrition supplementation for 2 ½ years, but the Breakthru Products have initiated a major change. I believe that all our great nutrition is now being better utilized.

Since the Breakthru Products, I am getting into a much deeper sleep and having very vivid dreams Of course we are now using the complete Breakthru Health System of products.

Fast Recovery from Surgery!

August 16, 2006

My husband had bypass surgery less than 2 weeks ago. He has been using SunLight, MoonLight, BarleyGold and Miracle Spray  for a month. He recovered so quickly from his surgery we couldn't believe it. Day 4, no more narcotic pain killers! Day 5 and beyond, walking 3 times a day. Doing 25 minutes of walking, 3 times a day on day 10. He was able to spend 7 hours at his family reunion on day 9. Nobody there could believe it! His sister had knee surgery 2 months ago and she also recovered remarkably fast. Her doctor couldn't believe it. She used BREAKTHRU products for 3 weeks prior to surgery.


Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis

Within minutes of taking MoonLight drops and Miracle Spray, I experienced a freeing up of nerves and pain in my arms and chest along with a great sense of well being. I've gone from 75% coverage of psoriasis down to 20% in weeks. I had sores on my back of my hands that would not go away no matter what I used. The sores are now gone and my skin is thickening up. All symptoms of psoriatic arthritis are uced or gone including knee pain, cracked, bleeding fingertips and malformed nails. I have great energy along with improved vision. My glasses are now too strong! I can now wear short sleeves and a v-neck shirt! I feel much more comfortable without all the irritation and complications. I've had psoriasis for 17 years and thank God and BREAKTHRU it's on it's way out! 


ACNE update



Hi everyone.


Here's an update on my son's acne condition:


His face is looking great and his back is getting better and better everyday.


Initially his back was so broken out and inflamed it literally made me cry. Now I feel like I am helping my son get healthier from the inside out! He was away for a few days during the second week and when he returned I couldn't believe how much better his skin looked! His face appears to be approximately 50% better from what it initially was. His back looked approximately 20% better – which is HUGE for him as he really doesn't take his shirt off during the warm summer months because he is so embarrassed of his condition. Now the pimples are drying up and the mess has been slowly disappearing all over his body!


His protocol was and is as follows:


For approximately the first week-and-a-half he used 3-drops of DayLight and Miracle Spray 3-times per day. At approximately the third day he related to me that he was experiencing a headache. (Note: he normally doesn't get headaches). I believe he was experiencing a detoxifying affect...all that waste material being eliminated from him.


Then, after about a week-and-a-half he increased the dosage to 5-drops 3-times per day, and has been continuing at that dosage.


As per drinking-water: He has been drinking reverse-osmosis water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in it. By the way, he always had a good diet and is not a soda nor junk-food eater.


That's it for now; will post again soon.


Burns, muscle stiffness, cracked-dry skin

Maurice TN

“Your Miracle Spray Plus™ has really helped me in a number of ways, particularly when I burned myself, which has been 3 times. When I first burned myself on my outdoor grill, I ran into the house to get my bottle of our Miracle Spray Plus™ and then sprayed it on my burn. This product is amazing as it acted like a dimmer switch, because it slowly turned down my pain until there was no pain at all. The other day I burned myself again, this time I burned my thumb with a mini-flame thrower lighter that I use to light my cigars, and it was really hurting; again I ran in the house and sprayed my thumb with your product, and this time the pain went away as soon as the spray hit my burn; 2 weeks later almost the same thing happened, but this time I burned my finger, and as soon as I sprayed my finger the pain went away instantly. I now always carry a bottle of Miracle Spray Plus™ with me whenever I go driving, which I do quite often as a courier. I have found that when I get drowsy that I can spray my face with my Miracle Spray Plus™ and it perks me up for another 45 minutes, and then I spray my face again and I can go another 45 minutes feeling pretty good. Also 3 days ago on a 20 hour ride all through the night to deliver a load, my neck got real stiff from sleeping in the car; my brother and I were talking turns driving so we could get there quicker. I sprayed my neck and in about 5 or 10 minutes it was quite amazing to have my neck back to normal again. I also get real dry skin on my hand, leg and back, and two days ago I had chapped, dry and cracked skin on my left hand, and I have been spraying it for 2 days now, and this morning I noticed that my hand looked all healed up, with no cracks or dryness; that was real fast considering how it looked and how long it usually takes to heal. Also my wife sprays my upper back when it feels itchy and dry, and after she does this, my back feels OK again, without the dry itchiness that comes when my shirt rubs on my back. One last thing, my wife sprays her face with a light spray after she puts on her makeup, and she says that her face doesn’t feel dry, it feels moisturized, and helps makes her day go a little better. You can use me as a testimonial if you want; this stuff really works.”


DISCLAIMER: All statements and information presented in these testimonials or reports are for information purposes only.  It is not intended that the manner the information is presented, in the testimonial or reports, to make medical claims or imply any medical claims. Notwithstanding, due to individual differences between the people, it is not known if any of the products referenced in the reports will be of any benefit to any particular person.   Not everyone will experience the same results.  Results often vary.  It is possible that some people might not notice any results at all.   These statements have not been evaluated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Food and Drug Administration. 


BREAKTHRU TECHNOLOGY and its affiliate companies, directors, officials, shareholders, employees and affiliated distributors are not medical doctors and do not provide medical advice for the products discussed herein.  For medical advice, please consult your medical practitioner.  Further, these products or the above mentioned participants do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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