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Nature´s Gold Mix Testimonies

Teacher with more Energy and Clearness

Rita G. – Kapuskasing


Here's my testimonial:

Since I have been taking Nature's Gold, I have more energy and my head and my vision is clearer.  I know the toxins are coming out and I know I am getting the very best nutrition. Thanks to Nature's Gold I have been able to do my work which is very demanding

Insomnia and Fibromyalgia

Gloria – Kapuskasing


For years now, my 19 year old daughter was always tired and slept approximately 3 to 4 hours every night. She simply could not fall asleep but there was school the next day. It seemed she could never catch up. I have seen the doctor many times and he kept saying there was nothing wrong with her, but I knew there was. I was desperate; something had to be done. I finally went to see you with her. You put her on Nature’s Gold, TNT, Zambroza, Protein powder, and Chlorophyll.


This is a little over a week and I can see changes already. She is now actually going to bed at around 11:00p.m. Needless to say, she is not as tired in the morning.


I decided to go on Nature’s Gold myself at the same time as her. I had to take a snooze every afternoon but now it seems I don’t have to anymore. My hips used to hurt a great deal (because of Fibromyalgia). The pain is slowly subsiding. I had not had a normal bowel movement for at least 6 months bbut now I’m back to normal.


I cannot thank you enough. You really made a difference in both our lives.


Paul B.- Sudbury


My mother swears by it. Can't take that away from her. Her arthritis in her neck has completely disappeared.


Amazing healing effects

Marilyn - Kapuskasing

I have experimented with Nature´s Gold and discovered that if only natural foods, the healing effects of 97% pure barley can enhance the amount you can take into the body. It seems “the Gold” does not have to work as hard to heal when the body has been supplied with natures’ natural foods. It is worth the effort to give this a try as you may be pleasantly surprised at the amazing results you may encounter.

Less knee pain and improvement with glaucoma

John – Peterborough


I have terrible knees which it makes it very hard to walk and I have 4 flights of steps to go up to my apt. Not long on the Nature´s Gold, I had less pain in my knees and am able to walk better up the steps. I also have Glaucoma. I went to the Dr. for my checkup who said that my Glaucoma had improved, and asked me what I was doing. I said nothing, and then I came home and realized that the only thing that I was doing different was adding the Gold to my diet. The Dr. was very surprised.



Lupus and knee pain

Dan and Nicole C.


I’ve been taking Nature´s Gold since January.  I have Lupus so I didn’t have much energy before.

This gave me back some energy and clearer thinking.

My husband has also been taking it and it has helped him with the pain in his knees, he can do his job better now.



Cravings reduced, stronger physically and emotionally

Marie-Paule B. – Welland, Ont


I started to take Nature’s Gold at the end of Dec. 2005 using dosage as directed, but at a slow pace.  Within a week, I released a lot of water. Then I started to feel physically and emotionally stronger, and my eating habits changed as I no longer craved sweets, junk food or dairy and I gave up red meat. It took me 2 ½ months to get to the full dosage. After using Nature´s Gold for 3 months, I experienced water in my left ear and pain in different parts of my body (kidneys cleaning out and healing reactions). I lowered the dosage and the frequency until that part was complete. At the moment my body will only tolerate 1 tablespoon about every 2-3 days and each time I take it I feel so much stronger at all levels. My body actually craves it. I have lost 20 lbs since I started it and it has helped me with depression and over all good feeling.



Can now exercise and Reduced Cravings

Kandy H. – Lively, Ontario

I started taking Nature´s Gold and noticed the pain in my knees less to the point I can now kneel on them which I couldn’t do before. I can now exercise and do an exercise video which is truly amazing as I wasn’t able to even get up off the ground before. I have increased energy, and when I don’t take it, I have cravings and now I am not stuffing things into me.


Irritable Bowels

B Y- Toronto

I have found that within 2 weeks of using Nature’s Gold, I have experienced significantly less pain and bowel movements are more regular. Bowels don’t seem to be as hypersensitive to foods.


Chronic Constipation

N. P. – Hamilton

I have found that my bowel movements have increased from 3 x a week to 3 x a day in only one month of using the Nature´s Gold. I have had many compliments that my skin looks really good and “ you look different I don’t know why, you just look different” comments.



Anna M. – Ancaster


I was diagnosed as having acute Osteoarthritis. I was scheduled with the specialist to have fragments removed from my knee. I began taking Nature´s Gold on my daughter’s advice and began experiencing less pain as the days went by. Within 6 weeks, I was 90% pain free and could walk again.


Toe Numbness, Migraines and Acid Reflux

E & J - Kapuskasing


I have had an Irritable Bowel for years to the point of 8 x a day, along with migraines for years on a daily basis. I have also had numbness in the toes for the last 10 years. Since I have been on Nature´s Gold, the Bowel Movements have decreased to 3 times. My migraines are less than half and my toe numbness is gone. I will not go off the Nature´s Gold.


I have noticed that my burping and Acid Reflux is gone when I take Nature´s Gold. It is wonderful.

Eating less

Roberta V. – Hamilton


I have been on the Natre´s Gold now for 6 months and I have noticed a huge difference in the amount of food that my body requires in order to be satisfied. I am putting the same amount of food on my plate but being able to finish it. This is a great incentive for those who want to lose weight as you need fewer calories thru the day as Nature´s Gold is flooding your body with so much nutrition.


Arthritis Sufferer

Maria F.- Hamilton


I began taking Nature´s Gold 5 months ago. Before that, I had an extremely difficult time even getting up in the morning. I was on medication every day for the pain. I was hardly able to walk and not able to touch my toes and had to get someone else to tie my shoes. Now I am walking with a bounce in my step. I get up in the morning with a lot more ease. I rarely take pain medication throughout the day and I am able to tie my shoelaces again which is awesome for me.


Arthritis with damaged neck

Marcella M. - Ancaster


After the first week of taking Nature’s Gold, my arthritis had ultimately changed. The fall and winter months are the most unbearable. I have been taking Nature’s Gold for a couple of months now and have not experienced any arthritis pain. I have tried all forms of treatment with no success until Nature´s Gold. I am very amazed as are so many others.



Collette D. – Sudbury


I have been working with Cleo D for a few years trying to help him with relief from arthritis.  Even though he was feeling better in other areas of his health, the pain was always there. After Nature´s Gold was out, I asked Cleo to try it for his arthritis. He took one jar and said he finally had relief from his poor bones. He is very pleased with Nature´s Gold and is still using it.



For the Dog and the Entire Family

D. and L.  – Hearst


Spike has been taking Nature´s Gold and for a 9 year old dog, he is more energetic. He used to sleep a lot. Now he is more playful and very energetic when walking. His appetite is better and sometimes will not eat his food unless Nature´s Gold is on it.

As for myself, I am feeling a lot better, more energetic, and less sick with cold and flues. My arthritis and bones is less painful and I eat less when I take it 2 x a day. My colon therapist is amazed at my wife and me with our colon treatments. She says it is not like any colonic treatment she has seen, it is totally different with deep cleansing. This product is totally amazing.


Loss of Weight without Trying

Caroline W. - Kap


I was taking Nature´s Gold for a couple of months and I noticed my cravings had decreased on wanting junk food. People asked what was I doing, as I lost 27 lbs. I didn’t know. Then I went off Nature´s Gold for a month. The cravings came back and I quickly went back to taking it again.

DISCLAIMER: All statements and information presented in these testimonials or reports are for information purposes only.  It is not intended that the manner the information is presented, in the testimonial or reports, to make medical claims or imply any medical claims. Notwithstanding, due to individual differences between the people, it is not known if any of the products referenced in the reports will be of any benefit to any particular person.   Not everyone will experience the same results.  Results often vary.  It is possible that some people might not notice any results at all.   These statements have not been evaluated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Food and Drug Administration. 


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