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BarleyGold FAQ

What exactly is BarleyGold?

It is a synchronized uniquely sprouting of organic barley seed through the G.E.M process.  The sprouted seeds have then been stabilized to maintain the nutrients for decades through the N.S.P. (Nutrient Stabilization Process).  BarleyGold is a natural living superfood.  Through the years, barley has been well documented regarding its bountiful beneficial nutrients.  BarleyGold embodies a high digestibility, nutrient dense food many times more than conventional barley.

What does BarleyGold look and taste like?

BarleyGold is in a flour-like, powdered form.  It has the ability to take on the taste of whatever it is put into.  In other words it can be easily camouflaged for the young ones if put into apple cider, yogurt, or even chocolate  almond milk.  Alone it has a taste similar to nutty flour. 


When do I and how long do I take BarleyGold?

The best time to take BarleyGold is in the morning when your stomach is at a neutral pH.  When you are up to the highest serving, it might be sufficient for your full breakfast needs.  Some have even found they do not need anything until 2pm-3pm. Others like to split their suggested servings throughout the day, which is also fine.  A minimum of 60-90 days are required for the true effects to be felt.  Understand, though BarleyGold is a Nutrient Dense food, it is not a miracle cure, but supplies nutrients so the genius of the body can repair.  If health and longevity is the goal, a maintenance level each day must be taken.  BarleyGold is NOT a 2-3 month solution for maladies to disappear forever!  The body must be given the building blocks to repair or upgrade daily.  For a more rapid recovery, a BarleyGold Fast is recommended.  


How do I take BarleyGold?

The simplest means of intake is to take the serving and mix it in water and drink, or put it in juice, your favorite smoothie, or almond milk.  One can stir it into cereal, yogurt, or cooled porridge.  Creativity is suggested, however, avoidance of mixing BarleyGold in anything that is over 35 °C is advised.  Essentially, do not microwave, cook or bake with BarleyGold.  If using a food processor, make sure BarleyGold is amongst other contents or foods before mixing.

What is the difference between BarleyGold Original and BarleyGold Ancient??

BarleyGold Ancient is a hull-less barley with higher bushel weights and protein values than BarleyGold Original.  The protein levels of BarleyGold Ancient are almost double and have shown to do very well with diabetics, "O" blood types and high performance athletes.  We prefer all our customers to start with BarleyGold Original, other than the above who should start on BarleyGold Ancient.  Please follow the instructions on the jar  with all starting with a half a teaspoon and working up to the highest suggested serving for a period of 30 days or more before moving on to BarleyGold Ancient or Nature´s Gold Mix

Individuals starting on BarleyGold Ancient or Nature´s Gold Mix follow the same serving regime as BarleyGold Original participants.  The progressive sequence slowly detoxifies and heals. The main point to consider is, "listen to and adjust your body’s response to this powerful product".  Though you do not feel that you may be in a healing event, you should still proceed slowly.  It is our goal that during the first thirty days there are minor events taking place such as increased bowel movements and a lowering of the appetite occurring.  Due to the higher protein levels and increased digestibility of all foods consumed, most customers’ stomachs will feel full for longer periods of time.  If aches and pains are initiated, maintain lower serving sizes for longer or reduce input to cope with the discomfort. This process we call, “Awakening Your Body to a New Lifestyle”.


What does BarleyGold do?

The digestibility of all Breakthru Technology products are as high as 97%, therefore, the nutrients such as zinc, copper and manganese, which are the components of a Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), are more available and more beneficial for helping build a healthy immune system. SOD is a potent detoxifier of free radical cancer causing agents. A healthy body has the ability to heal or prevent ailments by delivering the Super Dense Nutrition to organs so they can heal and function at the highest level.  (Read More at "How We Rot and Rust")


When will I see results?

Results vary with every individual.  With most new health regimes beneficial results will take three months.  This is true with BarleyGold.  However, individuals find there is continued healing for three to four years with eyesight and hearing improvements.  Remember your body has taken a long time to get in its present state, and for some it may take time for it to rebuild.  Be aware that for some individuals a healing event(s) may occur in the early stages.  This is a sign that BarleyGold is helping rebuild and heal.  If the healing event is too painful, stop BarleyGold for three days then proceed with one half of the previous serving. Stick with it!

NOTICE: In the first year, the major detoxification organs (bowel, kidneys, skin and lungs) undergo a huge elimination process.  It is our goal that the bowel and kidneys do the majority of the work.  Those with a history of kidney stones or intestinal problems GO SLOWER and LOWER DAILY INTAKES.  Call your distributor for more information. Our goal is to achieve an increase in bowel movements and no other serious healing during the first thirty days.  However, as one progresses, the skin may develop a rash, pimples or even boils if one is too aggressive with the uptake of BarleyGold.  If this occurs, reduce or stop the BarleyGold and resume at one half the rate previous of the incident.  During the first year, it has been consistently seen that when the lungs start cleaning, it may progress to Bronchitis.  Symptoms that occur before are coughing and bringing up phlegm.  Again, when this occurs, stop the BarleyGold to recover and start slower at one half the previous intake.  The body just needs more time to rid itself of the toxins that have accumulated.

Should I continue taking my other health food products?

Yes. However, Note:  Everybody needs to tailor their health program to what his or her body needs.  With BarleyGold optimizing the digestive system health, the body increases the absorption of all other nutritional in-takes, therefore, one may not require as much of other products.  (We have seen abnormal heightened energy to the point of anxiety when other products are not reduced).  To not confuse or confound the benefits of the BarleyGold, it is recommended NOT to start other health products at the same time.


Can I take BarleyGold if I am pregnant or nursing?

It is wise to build your nutrition first before building a healthy little person.  Once on the BarleyGold program, and at the highest serving, then getting pregnant, the body has done most of the major detoxification, not during the pregnancy.  Maintenance after pregnancy will continue to detoxify incoming free radicals and thus supply excellent nutrition to the new little one. If starting BarleyGold when pregnant or nursing, we recommend first consulting a health practitioner or a doctor that specializes in nutrition versus medication.


Can I take too much BarleyGold?

The short answer is, "YES". BarleyGold should be taken as per the suggested servings, which is designed to allow the body to heal at a slow but steady pace.  Some customers have started by taking the full two tablespoons, subsequently experiencing major healing events as those mentioned above.   Increasing daily servings quickly is good if moderate effects are felt.   Listening to your body is the key.  Once on the maximum servings of BarleyGold, for at least sixty (60) days, a "BarleyGold Fast" can be initiated that will speed up recovery to optimal health levels.    It is best to contact an individual that has completed a "Barley Fast" before proceeding yourself.


How long should I stay on BarleyGold?

BarleyGold is a food in its most nutritious form.  Think of it as a staple in your diet, as your daily fiber and nutrition.  It daily provides the building blocks for your body to maintain optimum health.  Being persistent and consistent with BarleyGold will continue to heal and maintain your body’s health for years to come.


Should I take BarleyGold if I am on medications?

Again, BarleyGold is just nutritious food.  Taking control of your nutritional in-take will only help your body heal itself.  If you have any concerns, talk to a doctor that specializes in nutrition.


Does BarleyGold interfere with birth control pills?

No, it does not interfere with the effectiveness of the birth control you are taking.  

What will I experience if I go off BarleyGold?

Some customers have symptoms of feeling lethargic and achy with previous maladies recurring.  This is because the body was used to having high nutrition and was counting on a continued supply for its' needs.  The symptoms are the body's communication mechanism or what is called the Eicosanoid Metabolism.  Essentially, when needed nutrition is stopped, the body returns to the previous condition, complaining to get attention.  All products can be designated as Super Dense Nutrition and should be maintained to stabilize optimal health. 


Have tests or studies been done with BarleyGold?

Yes, initially, our tests were on broiler chickens for a variety of reasons.  (see Video "Super Dense Nutrition") One is that their life span is relatively short and secondly, that they don´t respond to placebos.  With the positive results, BarleyGold was born.  Human group tests have been done with duplicated results causing further investigation of basic physiology and the corresponding reality of optimal management of ecosystems.  (Read more in "Animal and Human Health"). Noted changes in strength and stamina have been observed with both animal and human athletes.  


What were the results of BarleyGold testing?

The bioassays (animal feed tests determining efficacy of nutrient uptake) concluded that broiler chickens had higher red and white blood cells (higher immune system), higher bone density (reduced bone and joint problems), stronger hearts (heart attacks were minimized), animals were leaner but heavier due to the increase in muscle mass (low cholesterol meat), and there was a higher intestinal fluid viscosity (more efficient digestion).  BarleyGold customers are constantly reporting the same findings as in the chickens!  (watch Super Dense Nutrition video).


How do I store BarleyGold?

BarleyGold can be stored in a sealed container, on the counter or in a cupboard in dry climates.  However, if the climate is humid, it is best to keep it in the fridge, and definitely sealed.  Do not leave the BarleyGold in an overheated car or in any heat above 35°C (105°F).  Freezing the BarleyGold is fine, and will not affect life expectancy. 

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