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WHAT is MoonLight?

It is a humic fulvic combination that has a zeolite base that chelates toxins allowing the metabolic functions to operate at the highest efficiencies.


For example: ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is an organic compound that provides energy for the many processes that are carried on in living cells.  The human body consumes 40% of its energy requirements through ATP reduction daily.  So how do we acquire these body requirements?   Our cells contain crystalline structures that absorb different ultra low frequency wavelengths utilized by our bodies to drive the Krebs cycle´s enzyme reactions, producing this important compound.  Toxins, however, absorb waves which are harmonically contrary, in essence blocking enzyme reactions.


When examining natural Eco-systems, it can be said all organisms act as antennas, by collecting variable wavelengths, like the process of photosynthesis in plants.  (See similarity of the Chlorophyll molecule with blood Hemoglobin molecule)  An important part of an organism´s antenna arrangement are the molecular atomic crystalline structures.  Optimization of crystalline structures, labelled as nutrients, guarantees efficient flow of electrons fulfilling the organism´s energy requirements.  Toxins inhibit electron flow because of a wavelength/amplitude nullification reaction.




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Mineral components, in an organism, work within certain ratios and the health of the organism is based on these optimal ratios.  This balance relies on body pH differentials, antioxidants and metabolic functions to expel excess minerals and toxins to maintain the optimal balance.

MoonLight aids the body to balance the essential minerals and remove toxins blocking the necessary metabolic enzyme functions.


MoonLight :

  • Is a negatively charged mineral;

  • Binds to toxin and free radicals;

  • Helps elimination of heavy metals;

  • Aids healthy digestion;

  • Balances body pH.

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HOW DO I USE MoonLight?

Initiate after being on Nature´s Gold Mix or BarleyGold for 3 - 4 months. Take 1 drop per day and increase to 10 drops over the next 10 - 14 days.  Maintain for a minimum of 6 months and reduce to 3 - 4 drops per day.


One bottle should last 5 - 6 months. 

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