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MoonLight Testimonies

Acid Reflux

Tracy Cook, Ogden Utah 

I have suffered from acid reflux for the last fifteen years. I have tried everything and every prescription that my doctor could give me. TUMS, Rolaids, and baking soda in warm water had become my best friends. I could eat none of the foods that I like or if I did I would be up all night trying to keep it from moving into my throat. In April I started Breakthru and have no more problems at all!!!!! I can even eat spicy foods right before bed and sleep like a baby. Thank you Breakthru.


Phyllis Calkins from Michigan

I had a severe stroke in April '06. When I got home from the hospital, I had trouble walking, due to balance problems and difficulty breathing. I found it hard to think due to “brain fog” and sometimes could not read what I thought I had typed on the computer. I found out about BREAKTHRU through an out of state friend whose partner had a severe stroke several months before. After I tried it for about 2 weeks, my brain fog went away, I slept better than EVER and my balance no longer was an issue and my energy level increased. I also could not bend down and stand up again without feeling that I would faint, before BREAKTHRU, but not longer. I have used all of the BREAKTHRU products for about 2 months now. I have 3 congenital heart defects which was why I had the stroke and I will be having open heart surgery to correct the physical malformations. I look forward to continuing with the BREAKTHRU products and recovering from surgery much better and faster than I would otherwise believe I could.

Thank you!


Improved Memory Following Anesthesia!

My mother had an angiogram procedure with anesthesia that caused her to have significant memory loss along with loss of vision and energy for 5 months following this procedure. She is 80 years old and nurses have told us that often, use of anesthesia is the beginning of memory deterioration for seniors. My mother had great difficulty completing sentences. She began MoonLight about 2 months ago and within days she had an improved memory along with improvements with vision and energy. She is better now than before Folks have noticed a big difference in her since beginning BREAKTHRU products.  She is on no medications.  Thank God!


Fast Recovery from Surgery!

My husband had bypass surgery less than 2 weeks ago. He has been using SunLight, MoonLight, BarleyGold and Miracle Spray  for a month. He recovered so quickly from his surgery we couldn't believe it. Day 4, no more narcotic pain killers! Day 5 and beyond, walking 3 times a day. Doing 25 minutes of walking, 3 times a day on day 10. He was able to spend 7 hours at his family reunion on day 9. Nobody there could believe it! His sister had knee surgery 2 months ago and she also recovered remarkably fast. Her doctor couldn't believe it. She used BREAKTHRU products for 3 weeks prior to surgery.

Bi-polar (Manic-Depressive) used Medications

Collin Meyer - Jerseyville, IL.

Hi y' all

I'm pretty excited about what BREAKTHRU is doing for my mother. Mom is 80 years old and she is bi-polar (Manic-Depressive). Five years ago her doctor put her on 8 medications. After mom had been on all BREAKTHRU food and mineral components for 6 weeks, she went in for a check-up and her doctor took her off of 5 medications: Alprazolam, Colace, Norpramin, Potassium, and Valsartan. I am so excited about mom's improvements. Thanks, BREAKTHRU


Marie and Judd – Chiefland FL

We are experiencing a reaction of the white tongue coating on Judd, only after 6 weeks use of MoonLight!

Some months ago, he was given a statin medication to try to treat a diagnosis of Candida yeast infection (and also eliminate the toe nail fungus) and ended up in an 18 hour “gagging” reflex that stressed him out for 3 days (only after 2 doses).. Given his tongue coating and his toenail fungus are changing for the better, with simple drops that cause no dangerous reaction, WE ARE HAPPY CAMPERS INDEED!

Numbness in Lower Legs & Feet Diminished

Tracy Bourassa - Farmerville, LA

My lower legs and feet went partially numb in September, 2004, and my feet were very heavy to lift as I walked. I waddled like a duck. The bottoms of my feet would get extremely sore if I walked any distance. I used a wheelchair when grocery shopping at Super Wal-Mart. I had no energy at all and did not have very good balance. I started taking 2 drops of DayLight a day and 10 drops of MoonLight with the BarleyGold Products on July 5, 2006. Within 3 or 4 days my energy level changed dramatically for the good. I noticed that I was stumbling less and my balance was improving. On July 12, 2006, I started taking 2 drops 2 times a day of DayLight. The next night I had restless legs at 4:00 a.m. and experienced the restless legs for 2 additional nights at the same time. On July 16, 2006, I woke up and found significant improvement in the feeling in my legs and feet. I can't remember the last time I felt this much energy--even in my teens--I feel like a different person!!!! I'm hopeful the numbness will completely go away in the near future. My personality has also changed for the better--my husband says I smile a lot more.

Heart, Liver & Gallbladder issues, Chemical Sensitivity

Estelle Greer - Farmerville LA

I have been critically ill for approximately 5 years. I have had extreme chemical sensitivity, liver and gallbladder issues, as well as a very weak heart with many close calls with death. I got very little help from medical doctors. So I turned to alternative medicine. Even though, I did have results, I still had to live a very sheltered life--picking and choosing what I could do. At times, I couldn't even get up out of bed because I was so weak. On February 7, 2006, I had a very severe attack with my heart and went to the Emergency Room as I could not breathe. I had several tests run and was told that I had scar tissue on the back side of my heart and the right ventricle was damaged and had a good bit of scar tissue also. I was told there was nothing that could be done for me. They gave me nitroglycerin and sent me home. I was having to take the nitroglycerin 2 or 3 times a week. I was introduced to the BREAKTHRU products by a friend and received my products June 23, 2006. I started taking 2 drops of the DayLight. Within 2 days, I could see a difference in my breathing--I was not short-winded--I had more energy and my heart felt stronger. On the 26th, I was able to do quite a bit of housework, which I literally have not been able to do in the last 5 years. If I washed the dishes, I would have to wash a few and then sit down and rest. Within 2 weeks, I added 6 drops 3 times of MoonLight a day. It has been detoxing me “big time”, but I have normal energy, my chemical sensitivy is greatly improved and I have had no symptoms with my heart. On Saturday, July 8, 2006, I got up at 8:30 a.m., cooked breakfast, did 2 loads of laundry, dusted the furniture, went to Wal-Mart (walked around), left Wal-Mart, walked down to Brookshires (which is better than 150 yards) walked around in the grocery store, went home, unloaded the groceries, and best of all---I danced to music without getting out of breath or having any problems with my heart. I feel like a different person!! I'm alive!!! Just a note--drinking distilled water has made a tremendous difference in the effects of the product. If I feel nasty or a headache, or achy, I just drink a good bit of the distilled water and it flushes it out. I try to drink an 8 oz. glass every hour. I can't wait to see what my results will be in another month.


Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

Within minutes of taking MoonLight drops and Miracle Spray, I experienced a freeing up of nerves and pain in my arms and chest along with a great sense of well being. I've gone from 75% coverage of psoriasis down to 20% in weeks. I had sores on my back of my hands that would not go away no matter what I used. The sores are now gone and my skin is thickening up. All symptoms of psoriatic arthritis are uced or gone including knee pain, cracked, bleeding fingertips and malformed nails. I have great energy along with improved vision. My glasses are now too strong! I can now wear short sleeves and a v-neck shirt! I feel much more comfortable without all the irritation and complications. I've had psoriasis for 17 years and thank God and BREAKTHRU it's on it's way out! 



Non Hodgking Lymphoma (cancer of lymphoid tissue)

Ernest Jensen, NV


In August of 2000 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.


I have done all the Chemotherapy and every thing that traditional medicine could throw at me including a bone marrow stem-cell transplant. I was on strong painkillers due to constant pain. I reached the point where I couldn't take any more treatments and the doctors sent me home to die.


I have blood tests every week. My platelets were at 18 and my white cell count was 1.8 which is so low that my immune system was almost non-existent. As a result, I was hospitalized with pneumonia several times and would catch every bug that came along.


The Chemo killed the nerves in my feet. I couldn't wiggle my toes and I couldn't feel the bottoms of my feet. I could hardly walk and used a wheelchair most of the time. It was difficult for me to drive a car because I couldn't feel the gas and brake pedals.


I spent most of my time in bed waiting to die. I only had enough energy each day to take a shower and have something to eat and I would be wiped out again. I had terrible depression and had felt very hopeless and useless.


My Kidneys were failing so they put two tubes out my back to drain my urine into bags. I had two open skin infections on each of my thighs about 6 inches in diameter that would not heal.


A friend called and told me about BREAKTHRU. I said, No, I have already wasted thousands of dollars hoping for a cure, so thanks but no thanks. He said, “Ernie please try one more time.” I kept saying NO but he wouldn't give up so I finally said yes.


Eight weeks ago I started taking 1 drop of MoonLight once every waking hour. I was absolutely amazed. The first thing I noticed was my right urine collection bag was very dark orange and it had thousands of pencil lead sized things floating in it.


The second day on the drops I had enough energy to get up and work around the house and yard for several hours, then I went out to a movie. I didn't get home until about 11:30 and I still had energy.


In just three days on the MoonLight the infection on my thighs was totally gone with new pink skin growing in its place. That same day I took a blood test and my platelets and white cell count skyrocketed and by the following week all of my blood numbers were testing totally normal.


I am now out of bed, I am off of all my painkillers and I'm now pain-free. I no longer need a wheelchair to get around. The feeling in my feet has returned, I can wiggle my toes and even walk and run.


I can now dream and plan for the future, but the most important thing to me is that I can again pick up my children and give them hugs and kisses.


I have been on the MoonLight for 2 months and the BarleyGold Products about 2 weeks. I am now back to my normal weight after losing 36 pounds.


The tubes to drain my urine have been removed and I no longer have collection bags.


I just saw my doctor yesterday and there are no signs of cancer. She was looking at my chart then she tossed it on the counter and finally said with tears in her eyes, Alright, what is it you are doing? I know it's nothing I have done. I gave credit to God, to BREAKTHRU products and a good friend who did not give up on me when I was dying.





Just checked my saliva and my PH is 7.25. I can't believe this with using the mineral products only one day. Thanks for convincing me to use this product. I now feel confident I'm on my way to better health. Haven't mentioned this to my son yet, but I'm sure I will be letting him know soon.




This AM my pH was 7.0. I'm really impressed!!!! This is the start of my third day of using three drops 3X's/day.

This is my opinion. Being the bottle states “Serving Size 3:drops” it seems to suggest to me that this would be what is recommended if your pH is in the alkaline range. The card that was included in the package is obscure as to how many times per day you should take it, but the instructions I got from you states three times per day. So it is my feeling that I should stay at 3 drops 3 times per day. I see no reason to increase to 5 drops 3 times per day. What is your advice on this?


It has really put a spring in my step. Prior to taking this when I walked to the post office I just kind of ambled along. The first day I walked at a very fast pace. My post office is 1/2 a mile away. Round trip I get in a mile. I'm not all tuckered out when I return home either. I pray to God that this will continue. There have been numerous things I have tried that gave me a lift, but I went right back to feeling the same way I felt in a very short time.


Also as I told you I have asthma. I have noticed I'm bringing up phlegm instead of the annoying dry cough I had prior to taking this. Hopefully this will continue and I will be able to overcome the shortness of breath I have too.




My pH was 7.25 this AM. This is ideal according to some of the pH literature I read. Continuing @ 4 drops 3X/day. Feeling real good 2.


Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”)

Shirley Hull


I have severe MS with terrible pain and constant constipation. I have to take medication daily to move my bowels. I didn't need any medication to move my bowel. I am on morphine to help cover the pain. I usually take morphine at 6 am, but at 10 am this morning, I am still not needing any morphine.


Chronic Sinus Infection

Brettie Griffin


I have suffered from chronic sinus infection and could not get relief no matter what I tried. My sinuses broke loose and started draining after just two applications of MoonLight and DayLight. Now after three days, my head is completely clear.


Energy Increase

Al Hicks


One day on the products and there is already an increase in energy.


pH Increase - Cravings disappearing

Diana DuBois

I have been trying for 3 years to get my pH up to 7.0 or higher. It normally runs about 5.5 and very seldom does it get up into the 6 range. One week on the BREAKTHRU SunLight and MoonLight and I am testing 7.2 first thing in the morning. I normally crave some sugar everyday and the Detox has taken away my craving for both food and sugar. Also when I looked in the mirror this morning I thought that my wrinkles were diminishing.

Aches and Pains

Marilyn Quade


I lost 1 pant size in one week on BREAKTHRU MoonLight. Also I had a lot of aches and pains in my shoulder, my legs, my hip and my back. all of my aches and pains are gone now with the exception of a little bit of pain my lower back. I am waking up an hour earlier than normal and I have a lot more energy.

Chronic Acne - Weight Loss

Bryanna Quade


I am age 17 and I have chronic, severe acne. I have been on the BREAKTHRU DayLight and MoonLight just one week and my acne is all cleaned up. My clothes are fitting more loosely and my mother has lost one pant size too.



Julia Ramirez


I have been numb on one side for six months. It may have been from a slight stroke. I have been using 6 drops 3x a day for about 2 weeks. The feeling is coming back and the numbness is nearly gone.


Knee Pain

Jackie Archambault


I have had a horrible time with my knees for over a year. They are painful 24 hours a day, especially if I sit down for a couple of hours or first get up in the morning. They are extremely painful and I have a difficult time straightening them out. I got my BREAKTHRU products just yesterday and took two doses before going to bed. I woke up earlier than usual (5 am) this morning and there was a dramatic reduction in both pain and stiffness. (Three weeks later) I have over a hundred fatty tumors on the backs of my legs and they are all disappearing.





I usually use two inhalers each day for my asthma. Since I started on MoonLight, I have not had to use my inhalers.


Hurricane Katrina & Dying Cows

After the hurricane Katrina there were hundreds of cattle dying after drinking the polluted water. A veterinarian diluted some of our DayLight, MoonLight and injected it into the jugular vein of 400 cows that were laying flat on their sides. 399 of them lived while all of the cattle on both sides of the fence died.





I had a serious rash for 4 months - tried everything and nothing worked - in 7 days the rash is gone.


Weight Loss - Increased Energy, Mental Clarity, Flexibility

Ramona Saputo

After just 4 days on MoonLight, I dropped a pant size. I have increased energy, mental clarity and flexibility.



George Lane


My wife who is a cancer survivor normally has a morning pH of 5.5. After 5 days her pH tested at 7.2.


Blood Sugar

Yvonne Pollock


Before taking the MoonLight, my blood sugar normally tests about 140 in the evening. The first day I took only 1 drop and my sugar level had dropped to 119 at bedtime. I was really amazed because earlier that evening I had gone to my own birthday party and I had eaten some cheesecake and some candy. I expected my blood sugar to be even higher than normal. The next morning I tested 88. I usually test about 120 in the morning and I never get down below 100.


Stroke - Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)

Dixie Lee Powell


I must have had a stroke about a week before Christmas. I was in an extreme state of confusion. I couldn't walk straight. I couldn't get my balance and I bumped into the walls. My son couldn't understand me when I tried to talk. Before getting the MoonLight I had gotten a lot better, but since then I have improved dramatically. I am now much stronger and I can walk fast without any problems. I also have a squamous cell carcinoma in my nose and it metastasized to my lower bowels and to my bladder. The first time I took the MoonLight, I could feel it working in my nose and also in my bladder. Normally I have a constant sharp pain in my bladder and it was so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. The pain now comes and goes and is gradually diminishing. It only takes about 10 minutes after taking the MoonLight for the pain to go away for several hours.


Diabetes – Vision

Michael Chapman


I have Diabetes, which has affected my eyes. Prior to using the BREAKTHRU products, I couldn't read the street signs when I was trying to find an address and I couldn't read the subtitles when watching TV. I had a lot of fatigue and I had to take a nap everyday. I also lived in a constant brain fog. I started using BREAKTHRU MoonLight and BarleyGold ten days ago. My energy is improving. I no longer have to take a nap everyday. My eyesight is improving, I can now read the subtitles and I have a lot more clarity in my brain. My sense of well-being has also improved.


Espe – Cameron Park CA

My name is Espe; I live in Cameron Park Ca. I am 59 years old.

I've been suffering with Parkinson's for 8 years. I suffered all the classic symptoms; arm and leg pain, poker face, classic shuffle, weak legs, tremors, no arm movement when walking, dizzy spells, limited mobility, short term memory loss, major sleeplessness, no energy, etc. After the diagnosis, Doctors have put me on several different medications. None of them really helped and one just plain put me in the hospital with massive anxiety attacks and paranoid tendencies.


Under Doctors orders I took my medications every 4 hours. I had to or my legs and body didn't want to work at all. My Doctors gave me no hope, or had any positive comments at all. I was only told that I have Parkinson's, that there is no known cure, and that I am only going to get worse. The hardest thing for me was giving up my guitar playing.


Three weeks ago we were introduced to what was supposed to be a new breakthrough technology in the arena of nutritional supplementation. We never dreamed it might be an alternative treatment for managing illnesses - let alone Parkinson's. I started taking them as a request from my husband who was concerned for my general overall health, wanting me to have a better quality of life. What a surprise he had coming! I took the first dose Sunday evening, Mothers Day, May 14. I woke up the next morning, Monday, May 15, PAIN FREE!* Wow! What a difference in just one night! Not only was my pain gone, but my legs were not tight or stiff as they have always been and I was without tremors of any kind. Needless to say I took another dose that morning.


Throughout that first week I gradually developed more energy than I've had in more than 5 years. I almost had to force myself to go to bed and yet when there I slept like a baby through the whole night. Instead of taking the medications every four hours I could go seven to eight hours between doses and still function normally. The most amazing thing is on the 9th day of taking the supplements I was able to cut out one whole dose of my medication altogether.


Now, just two weeks later, with only about $200 out of pocket, I can walk without sliding or scooting my feet. I don't have to stop and think in order to move my legs anymore and I don't have to tell my legs in what direction I want to move. I just move as I used to! I can even walk backwards again have started to blink my eyes more regularly.


I have energy again, have no problem with memory loss and a whole new outlook on life. I also have a social life again and can even keep up with my two year old grandson, something I have not been able to do his whole life! I am really excited because any time I want I am able to play my guitar again – it's been years! It's good to have my life back.


I now believe that by simply eliminating acidity, heavy metals and toxins from my body, and by raising my oxygen levels and replacing essential minerals, that there is a chance of getting continually better instead of worse. This technology has changed my life and in a very short time. It has put the elements into my body that it needed to begin a healing process. I now believe that in time, I may be able to get off all my medications and not be dependent to them anymore! In just two weeks I am half way there.


I was getting so tired of the struggle and of being a burden to my family. It feels good to be in control again! I started using products from *BREAKTHRU Health Sciences. The MoonLight, have been added it to my daily nutritional intake. Wow, what a difference it is making!


Thank you BREAKTHRU, very, very much! Espe'


PARKINSON'S - Great News!

Gerry and Espe - Cameron Park CA

GREAT NEWS!!!! My wife Espe went to the neuro doc yesterday AND WOW! He did a complete checkup, and according to the Dr. if he had seen her on the street without knowing he would never guess that she has PD. He told her that she is walking normal arms swinging and strolling, eyes have movement and are blinking and she has various facial expressions, arm and leg muscles are strong and resistant when tested WOW!! Six months ago she could hardly walk and had depression issues, she started all the BREAKTHRU products on the 15th of May 06. I just cannot believe that just by balancing the body’s pH and what ever else the BREAKTHRU does or how ever it works to help the body to heal itself, we are true believers. Needless to say we are very happy campers.

Mercury / heavy-metal chelation, indeed!

I've been holding off posting this report because I wanted to be sure of what I was seeing.

Several years ago I had a molar extracted and after the tooth was removed there was a dark grayish- discoloration (known as "amalgam tattoo"[1]) in the tissue where the tooth was. This area was quite large (approx 1/2" x 3/16"). If you do your own research you'll learn that amalgam tattoo is composed of silver, nickel, and mercury. According to the research I've done mercury is the second on the list most toxic substances on this planet. Plutonium is number one.

I have a friend who is a medical doctor who does intravenous chelation therapy and is VERY knowledgeable about same. About two years ago I showed him this tattoo and asked him if chelation would remove it. He stated to me "I don't know", "that's heavy metal", "I don't know if chelation would remove that". "It would probably have to be done for at least a year or longer". I also asked my oral surgeon (the guy who removed the tooth) if there was any way that *he* knew of to remove it. He stated to me that the only way he knew of was through "surgery", and, that was "not practical" because there's "not much tissue covering the jaw-bone and to remove the tattooing would result in exposing the jaw-bone".

I also did research on the internet regarding amalgam tattoo and, what I learned was that it is “PERMANENT”.

Well folks, I've been taking MoonLight since May 16, 2006 and approximately EIGHTY PERCENT (80%) of that tattoo is GONE!!!

I should have taken a photo of it before I started but I didn't think to. I will try to get a photo sometime this week to show the small area remaining. Note, several people have seen the tattoo, including, but not limited to one nurse, one medical doctor, and one oral surgeon.

The fact that the tattooing is slowly disappearing is PROOF, to me at least, that fulvic acid is indeed holding up to what the scientific research had discussed and stated, that fulvic acid "complexes heavy metals". Excellent form of Oral Chelation? my opinion, you bet!

I want to follow-up by saying this:
I've been watching this tattooing slowly disappear over the period of 3-months which has led me to doing some thinking. I thought about all the regular city (tap) water that I have consumed over the years. That water contained fluoride, as well as other heavy metals that dissolved out of the underground (and copper house) pipes. I thought about the possibility of that heavy metal still being in the cells and tissue of my (and other peoples) body. If the components of MoonLight are being utilized for the process of complexing the nickel, silver, and mercury in the tattooing how much of the components in MoonLight are left over to provide the nutritional elements to the cells of the body? I think *that's* a GOOD question, don't you? I suspect, and it's only my guess, that improved health will come much *faster* after all the heavy metal is cheated out of the body - there will be more fulvic acid and humic acid available for cellular use! Maybe that's why some people are not physically “noticing” any results initially. Maybe the bodies of those people are deriving benefits! I suspect they are. It may just be that the molecules of fulvic and humic acid are doing things very subtlety in the body and the person just doesn't notice it at the physical level. I personally think that's what's happening, and, I think that if the people just have patience they would eventually start feeling and seeing the results.

I am even more excited now. I can't wait to see what happens when all this heavy metal is gone from my body! Time will tell for sure.

In concluding this report I want to say that I have no intention of [ever] stopping MoonLight. I've been battling Lyme disease and hepatitis-C for almost 15 years - since November 1991. And I have not had results from ANYTHING like I am experiencing from MoonLight. I have not yet posted a report on the Lyme or hep-c, I need more time to see if what I'm experiencing (good things) continues. I don't want to post a report on that prematurely.


S.F. Judd - Chiefland, FL

I started on BREAKTHRU's four products the middle of June, 2006. Soon I noticed being able to express my “inner” thoughts, that often are trapped inside by the speech difficulties caused by 20+ years of Parkinson's.  Within one week on start-up levels of the four products, I FELT AND WAS ABLE TO EXPRESS, that something “inside” was better – THE WORDS WERE COMING TO ME EASIER as I was trying to say what I was thinking.


My struggles with constipation and/or lack of movement (chronic, lifelong) were improved within a few weeks, to a place of NATURAL ELIMINATION with little to no need for assistance.


My daily ENERGY IS INCREASING, with 8+ hours each day engaged in activity and interaction with others, WITHOUT INCREASES IN MY DELUSIONAL ANXIETIES (which had led me to states of delirium in the past). I am much more calm and able to relax, with less confusion about what is happening around me!


Though my mobility issues still do not include walking or having balance/coordination to stand on my own, just today, July 25, 2006. I LIFTED MY LEFT FOOT OFF THE FLOOR momentarily while pulling myself up to a standing position – I have been unable to lift either foot off the floor while standing for over two years now! My experiences of pulling up stronger and getting MORE WEIGHT OVER MY FEET have been more frequent over the past month.


Though such noticed improvements may be slight according to many, they are huge encouragements to me, as I feel I am getting to take back CONTROL OF MY LIFE. Just being able to wash my own hands or lift a foot means so much.


The drops are so easy for me to accomplish taking, compared to the 35 pills/day my body was breaking down from when I stopped using all medications three years ago. I knew, felt, and could barely even express in 2003 that life was ending for me.


Today I look at BREAKTHRU product as a gift that is gradually helping to bring my life back. I now look eagerly forward to a time when I will resume an active life despite the impairments the Lewy Bodies of Parkinson's has put on me mentally, physically, and emotionally (but never spiritually).


For now, I must offer these first-hand experiences through my wife (since she knows me so well after 31 years together), but I now look forward to the day of sharing my experiences with others directly, taking back all the tasks of daily living, and continuing to overcome the Parkinson's symptoms!

DISCLAIMER: All statements and information presented in these testimonials or reports are for information purposes only.  It is not intended that the manner the information is presented, in the testimonial or reports, to make medical claims or imply any medical claims. Notwithstanding, due to individual differences between the people, it is not known if any of the products referenced in the reports will be of any benefit to any particular person.   Not everyone will experience the same results.  Results often vary.  It is possible that some people might not notice any results at all.   These statements have not been evaluated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Food and Drug Administration. 


BREAKTHRU TECHNOLOGY and its affiliate companies, directors, officials, shareholders, employees and affiliated distributors are not medical doctors and do not provide medical advice for the products discussed herein.  For medical advice, please consult your medical practitioner.  Further, these products or the above mentioned participants do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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