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X-Factor Testimonies

Burn, Dry Skin, Cuticles, Hydration, Wrinkles, Stiff Joints, Better Sleep, Increased pH
Jeanie in Arizona

It was after I started to take X-Factor that I began to finally feel hydrated. I have always tried to get my 60-70 ounces of water per day (½ my body weight in oz. of water), but had constant chapped lips, needed lotion all over my body all the time. Well after just 3 days on the green I noticed that all changed. Even my cuticles are in better shape, hands are not always dry, legs and arms look like my skin has “plumped up”, wrinkles that were starting disappear. I feel like I'm youth. I make a very concerted effort to drink at least 64-80 ounces of WATER per day. I do not count any other beverage as water!! I heard that the toxins bind to water molecules when they leave, so maybe the more toxins you have the more water is leaving and the more you need to take in?? It makes sense to me.

As an addition: I had a scalding burn that immediately blister, but with 1-drop of Miracle Spray 3-times that day the blister subsided and the pain disappear and by the next day I could not see that anything happened at all! Also, my joints had been getting stiff and I was experiencing pain. It was hard to squat down to pick up anything of much weight at all, sometimes just a shoe and I would need to hold onto a chair or push off the floor to get up. Now I’m doing deep knee bends—the pain is not totally gone, but much of it is and the strength to do the tasks is there!

My pH level is stable at around 7.0. My husband’s is 7.0 – 7.25! We have been on lots of water, organic foods, and whole food nutrition supplementation for 2 ½ years, but the Breakthru Products have initiated a major change. I believe that all our great nutrition is now being better utilized.

Since the Breakthru Products, I am getting into a much deeper sleep and having very vivid dreams Of course we are now using the complete Breakthru Health System of products.

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