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WHAT is X-Factor?

X-Factor minerals is a liquid solution for external use.  It is a perfect combination of all elements on the atomic table, which helps heal, repair and disinfect when applied.  

The notion is that some minerals are toxic.  This is true for all life forms, but is determined by species and ecosystems.  For example, all organisms need minute quantities of all elements, we all need minute quantities of all elements.  3% of all required minerals come from the soil, through plants or animal protein consumed and 97% comes from the air.  X-Factor contains all these soil minerals in a balanced ionic/reductive form which are not contained in sufficient quantities within soils and foods.  Additionally, the active ions act as antioxidants disabling free radicals.   For more information on foods, see the Breakthru Foods Super Dense Nutrition, and InstaGrowth products for further plant information.

Within each living entity exists a mechanism that functions as an antennae. Thereby, either transmitting or receiving ultra-low frequency wavelengths/electrons through Chakras.  It is crucial that the components of the cells are free from both toxins and free radicals, which block beneficial wavelengths/electrons that allow for the production and function of enzymes, elimination of wastes, healing and fighting disease.

Optimal mineral components work within specific ratios for each individual, within each living species, plant or animal.  Further, Eco-systems determine absorption of these minerals and hence beneficial wavelengths/electrons.  These drive the Krebs Cycle and elemental biological transmutations unique to each species. and vary between individuals and species to allow for the absorption of these wavelengths to perform metabolic functions.  When an organism accomplishes the optimal mineral ratios through what is eaten and assimilated through the skin or epidermal cells, cravings or pain is terminated and exponential growth and health is achieved.   This cycle reaction with humans is termed the Eicosanoid Metabolism or how one´s body talks to our brain.  In plants it is referred to as Environmental Stress Factors. In all species, an optimal Biological Terrain or Eco-System must be obtained balancing macro and micro organisms or else, disease and death occurs.    The key is a balanced Biological Terrain/Eco-System that is managed so that there can be an amount of non-toxic amount of minerals and elimination of toxic man-made chemicals.  Optimal healing, health and growth are then obtained.  In eastern medicine this balance is referred to as the Yin/Yang relationship.


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Fight disease, rebalance health, relieve pain, facilitate production of enzymes and ease elimination of wastes by supplying an organism with proper, abundant and highly available minerals.




Either a 100% concentration or dilution is applied in the area where there is pain or discomfort.  It is  absorbed into the body only through the skin and not ingestion to initiate healing. 


Once a condition has the mineral balance, a healing process is started towards attaining homeostasis and pain is relieved.  Metabolic functions return because of the life-giving force (extropy) achieved by optimal mineral and electron absorption.


A skin rash over an applied area indicates saturation of minerals and less product or termination of product is required.  If pain continues, further investigation may be necessary regarding the cause or required approach. 

With the body attaining a balanced mineral content, a person´s appetite is usually immediately reduced.  The balancing of minerals affects the internal ATP production increasing energy efficiencies in all the different organs, thereby, allowing the body to sequester and take advantage of otherwise wasted nutrients.

With Super Dense Nutrition, individuals tend to crave nutritious, raw, wholesome foods; they become more physically active, balanced in the muscle/fat ratio leading to a higher state of well being.   The Eicosanoid metabolism is reconnected.

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  • Highly Structured Minerals;

  • Not Manufactured;

  • Natural Minerals;

  • Highly Available;

  • Highly Reductive;

  • Ionic.

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